Woman Claims Teen Brother's Ex-Girlfriend Broke into Home with Birthday Cake in Viral Post

A woman's post on the popular "Am I the A******" forum on Reddit went viral after she recounted a story about her 17-year-old brother's ex-girlfriend breaking into her home to surprise him with an unwanted cake and balloons.

User ThrowRA_danglovesick posed the question for the public, "AITA for refusing to drop charges against a 16 yo?" and currently has over 24,800 votes since being posted two days ago.

The post explained that her 17-year-old brother moved in with her, 25, and her husband, 26, after their parents died from an accident last February. She said her brother was quite affected by their death but that he wasn't ready to go to therapy yet. He did, however, break things off with his girlfriend, 16, after the funeral.

The Redditor said the girl didn't take the break up well and told her brother that what he needed to heal was "some love." She then claimed the ex began dropping gifts off at the house for her brother and that it made him visibly distressed and uncomfortable.

The Department of Justice defines stalking as, "engaging in a course of conduct directed at a specific person that would cause a reasonable person to fear for his or her safety or the safety of others or suffer substantial emotional distress."

The National Crime Victimization Survey found that nearly 22 percent of stalking victims were stalked by an ex. Victims of stalking can face post-traumatic stress disorder, and about one in seven victims must move because of their victimization, according to The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Stalking victims can also suffer from insomnia, anxiety, depression, and social dysfunction.

"The worst thing happened last friday, it was my brother's birthday and my husband and I decided to take him out," the post continued. "When we got back he went to his room and as soon as he did it, he came down running."

She explained that somehow the ex broke into their home and made her way into the brother's bedroom. She said the girl had "arranged his room with photos of him with her, their friends and our family, put some balloons and was waiting for him with a cake," she wrote in the post.

"Mind you, this is creepy as f***, so while my husband entertained her I called the police and they took her for trespassing private property," the post read. The woman said her husband and the girl's parents thought she was overreacting and that she should drop the charges, "because she's trying to do something nice."

At the end of the post, the woman said she and her brother decided to pursue a restraining order and move him into a different room.

"He'll be switching rooms since he told me that he can't sleep there anymore, our guest room is a bit smaller bus he says that he doesn't care! That's it for now, he hasn't said anything about therapy or dropping the charges," the post read.

Teen Breaks in with Cake, Balloons
The post said the woman's little brother's ex was sitting in his bedroom and had decorated it with balloons, pictures of them, and a birthday cake. She broke in while they were out celebrating his birthday. EvgeniyaTiplyashina/Getty Images

More than 2,000 comments weighed in on the situation. Many of them said the woman was "not the a******" and some said that if the genders were reversed the situation would have gone down differently. Others were concerned about the girl's behavioral issues.

"NTA. what your brother's ex was doing is not an innocent behavior, it's quite literally stalking and harassing him," one user commented. "This could devolve into something more dangerous, and it's good that you did something about it"

"NTA," another wrote. "If the gender roles were reversed I'm sure nobody would be okay with this happening. She's refusing to respect a firm boundary that has been set. Play stupid games win stupid prizes." The comment received over 31,600 votes in the comments, more than even the original post.

In the comments, u/ThrowRA_danglovesick wrote that her brother was "terrified" and that she didn't want him to feel unsafe in his own home which is why she doesn't plan on dropping the charges and is changing his room.