Woman Claims Texas Restaurant Segregated Black and White Customers in Viral Video

A viral clip, showing a restaurant dining room apparently separated by race, has gone viral on TikTok. The video, so far viewed over 185,000 times, has sparked a vicious debate in the comments section, with many validating the TikToker's perspective while others accuse her of "reaching."

In America, racism continues to be a pervasive issue in practically every industry—and restaurants are no exception. Specifically, recent reports suggest that the types of discriminatory seating practices described in the viral video are far from a thing of the past. Just this summer, for example, a former ​​Vandelay Hospitality employee sued the company for their alleged "racist, sexist and homophobic employment and customer service practice."

Specifically, Glenn Govias, former general manager at Drake's Hollywood in Dallas, said that non-white diners were screened and refused service under the pretense of "dress-code violations," reported Restaurant Hospitality. Additionally, he accused the company of racial profiling on the basis of potential diners' names—leading to those without "white-sounding names" being denied reservations.

Like the actions described in the ​​Vandelay lawsuit, the TikTok video, shared by @trinitycomedy, was filmed in Texas—however, this restaurant remains unnamed.

The clip begins with onscreen text that reads: "We were seated in a restaurant and immediately noticed something."

The camera then pans around the restaurant's dining room, showing different groups of patrons at each table. TikToker @trinitycomedy, who is Black, appears to be sitting in one section of the restaurant—along with other POC diners.

While that alone might not be cause for alarm, things get strange when she zooms in on the opposite section, located at the other end of the dining room. There, all of the diners appear to be white.

"Soooo all one color on one side and the others in the larger area?! .... I can't make this up," wrote @trinitycomedy in the video's caption, along with the hashtags #segregation and #wow.

The controversial clip caught the attention of viewers, racking up nearly 8,000 likes and over 1,000 comments in the three days since it was posted. Many voiced support for the TikToker and even shared similar stories of their own. Still, others in the comments section argued that the observation was a "reach."

"I see exactly what you're seeing," wrote @toptierash in a supportive comment. "People who don't ... are part of the issue."

"I went to Red Lobster and I remember they tucked us back into a room with another family that happened to be black when a whole bunch of tables were open," wrote @ashleysmith8886, recounting a similar experience.

"I think you're trying to see something that isn't there," wrote @_.lifeisadance._, arguing against the claim. "It could have simply been the order they came in." However, @trinitycomedy refuted that theory in a reply: "People came in after us and were seated over there," she wrote. "That's the only reason I posted it."

Newsweek has reached out to @trinitycomedy for additional comment.

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