Woman Claims She Was Told to Sue Her Own Horse After He Kicked Her

A woman who was kicked in the head by her horse has claimed her insurance company suggested she sue the animal.

Pinkie, 25, who says she is a horse rider for television and films, took to Twitter on September 21 to explain that the accident had meant she was sent to the emergency room.

Sharing a picture of a document allegedly sent from her insurance provider she added the caption: "My horse kicked me in the head last month and sent me to the ER. My insurance is telling me to sue him."

In the snap we can see a page on Third Party Liability, in which the self-described cowgirl has highlighted a line.

It reads: "If you or your Dependent's injury or wellness was, in any way, caused by a third party who may legally be liable or responsible for the injury or illness, no accident-related benefits will be paid under any coverage of the Plan."

While there is the caveat of referring to a "third party who may be legally liable," and horses are unlikely to be liable, it is still amusing to have sent this to the California-based woman.

On a separate document, which is also visible in the photograph that can be viewed here, Pinkie has also alerted the viewer to two sentences that state: "The provider's diagnosis suggests that these medical services resulted from an accident or may have been caused by another person or third party."

My horse kicked me in the head last month and sent me to the ER. My insurance is telling me to sue him. pic.twitter.com/drb3jvYeiV

— Jeepers & Pinkie Eq (@yeehawllywood) September 20, 2021

"If this is the case, MPI [Motion Picture Industry] is entitled to reimbursement from any recovery or settlement you have received.."

Again the words do give an option of it being an accident before referring to "another person or third party."

The tweet has been liked more than 33,000 times and attracted 3,700 retweets as well as lots of comments.

Many online find the suggestion of suing her own horse hilarious, with one Twitter user, Ethikos_, writing: "Horses don't have lawyers so this is brilliant, he doesn't stand a chance."

Another person, Ferbalerb, joked: "I kicked you out here and I'll do it again in the courtroom."

Meowscivious typed: "Imagine being at court and there's a horse seated at the other side and neighs when spoken to. Then kicks the other when things get heated lol."

1MrShannon commented: "Everyone thinking the horse would lose is wrong. The moment you sued your horse, a GoFundMe page would be made for the horse, and the horse would out fund you, because collectively the internet is a smart**s."

Ftmkitty wrote: "If your horse has insurance you ..might be able to pull that off?"

To this, Pinkie replied: "Guess who pays for that," alongside a laughing-face emoji.

Newsweek has reached out to Pinkie for comment.

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A stock image shows a horse. On Twitter a woman has claimed that after her horse kicked her in the head, her insurance provider suggested she sue the animal. Getty Images