Video Shows Maskless Woman Insisting UPS Store Is Her Private Residence

A self-professed non-"conformer" went on a bizarre tirade in a UPS store, after employees asked her to wait outside to be helped because she wasn't wearing a mask and wasn't following social-distancing guidelines. In her rant, which was caught on camera, the woman kept insisting that the store was a private residence.

In three videos shared on TikTok recently, the woman is seen arguing with employees at a UPS store, who repeatedly ask her to step outside and adhere to COVID safety guidelines.

The TikTok user who shared the video responded to a comment, confirming that the incident occurred at a shopping center in Georgia.


TikTok deleted my 1st post for “bullying and harassment” but this lady was clearly bullying and harassing the customers and employees #fyp #karen

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The first TikTok begins with the woman saying, "I am 18, and I would like to receive those for my children." When she realizes that the TikToker is filming her throwing a tantrum in public, the woman tells her to stop filming. The TikTokker—who seems to be an employee at the store—refuses and indicates in the clip that the disruptive woman is preventing her from continuing her work.

As seen in the video, the woman then tries to intimidate the TikToker to stop filming by claiming that the store is her home. "This is a private residence, and actually I'm restricting my recording and so therefore, you are not allowed to do this," the woman says.

This should go without saying, but the store isn't a private residence. And even if it was, the woman in the video doesn't seem to live there, so it wouldn't be considered her private residence. When the workers tried to explain that their workplace isn't the woman's private residence, she tries to use the justification that since she has had mail delivered to the store, then it must count. "It isn't? Oh apparently, because I had three packages delivered here," she says in the clip.


Pt 2. The store had a 3 person limit at a time and there was a line outside. The store’s policy was also for all individuals to wear mask #fyp

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In the second video, an employee tells her that she won't be helped until she goes outside, but the woman continuously argues and, yes, asks to speak to a manager.

"No one's helping you until you step outside. If you break our social-distancing rules, you are not going to be helped," the employee tells her.

When the employee again tells her that she needs to respect the store's policies, she tries to double-down and demonstrate that she is indeed following social-distancing guidelines. (She's not, though.) "This is six feet apart, and we're wearing masks," she says, but employees and the TikToker tell her that she's not actually six feet away from people. Oh, and in case this wasn't evident already, she isn't wearing a mask, either.

Again, the woman declares the UPS store to be her private property. "I have packages here that were delivered to me. This is my right. This is my private property," she says.

At points in the first two videos, she is asked about why she isn't wearing a face mask, and she argues that she's independently minded. "I'm not a conformer. Why are you wearing one?" she says in the first video. In the second video, she calls the employees "conformers" for telling her that it's a store requirement that she wear a mask.

In the first video, she also says that she's already had COVID as a reason why she shouldn't need to wear a mask. "I already had COVID, back on December 20, 2019," she says, despite the fact that the first confirmed coronavirus cases in the U.S. didn't appear until early 2020.

The last video the TikTok user shared shows the women surrounded by police officers, who had presumably been called when she wouldn't adhere to guidelines. She shouts at a police officer, again trying to say that she wasn't breaking any laws, because her packages were at the store.


Reply to @jessicahall982 I hate my voice recorded but I’d definitely be down to do a story time if you guys are interested! #fyp

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One of the officers explains to the woman that the UPS store has every right to refuse her service. "They are a business and they have the right to decide whether they are going to do business with you or not," the cop can be heard saying.

The woman can be heard arguing some more. Eventually, the video cuts out, just as the woman says, "That's what I'm trying to straighten out right now. Do we need to stop the packages?"

Screenshot TikTok Video UPS Store Private Property
A screenshot from one of the TikToks showing the woman who kept arguing with UPS store employees after they asked her to step outside and wait to be helped. Screenshot/TikTok