Woman Compares Russia To Dystopian Novel '1984' In Viral Video

A Russian woman went viral after she posted a TikTok discussing how life in Russia right now is similar to the dystopia described in George Orwell's novel 1984.

The woman who goes only by the username @russianpappiiiis posted the video on TikTok where it received more than 5.9 million views and 11,400 comments since Saturday.

"If the fate of the world is important to you, PLEASE LIKE THIS VIDEO AND HELP SPREAD AWARENESS," the caption of the video read.

George Orwell's dystopian novel 1984 was published in 1949 as a cautionary tale about totalitarianism. In the book, a totalitarian regime called "the Party" controls the flow of information and repurposes propaganda as "fact."

In the three-minute video, the woman explained that she was born in Moscow but grew up in California and is currently working in London. She said her entire family lives in Saint Petersburg and that she needed to share what they were experiencing.

"What I'm about to tell you is actually what's happening back in Russia right now," the woman said. "Essentially it's live footage of the dystopia society described in the book 1984. Facebook and Twitter are entirely banned, new laws were introduced yesterday with prison sentences for up to 15 years for the spread of misinformation about special operation in Ukraine."

On March 5, Russian President Vladimir Putin blocked Facebook and Twitter in the country and signed a bill criminalizing the "intentional spreading of what Moscow deems to be 'fake' reports," AP News reported.

The newly signed bill, which was passed unanimously by the State Duma, imposes prison sentences of up to 15 years for individuals found spreading information that goes against the government's stance on the war.

"Misinformation is essentially defined as any information that is not in line with official state reports," the woman said. "This includes information discussed via personal texting etc."

She also explained that there is a "blanket ban" on the use of the word "war" in Russia. She said that news channels and individuals are "only allowed to refer to what's happening in Ukraine as a "special operation."

News channels that stray from this narrative can be shut down and individuals found doing so can be arrested. Media is also prohibited from using the words "assault" or "invasion" when referencing the ongoing invasion.

"Most independent news channels have been banned over the course of this past week," she said in the video. "Any foreign currency transfers abroad are banned."

She continued, saying the stock market is not due to reopen for at least another week and that the Russian government announced a proposal yesterday to send individuals who were arrested or detained at anti-war protests in the country to fight in Ukraine.

More than 4,600 individuals have been detained across Russia, with more than 3,000 arrested on Sunday.

Russian woman in Moscow
A woman went viral after posting a TikTok about what life is currently like for individuals living in Russia during the ongoing invasion in Ukraine. Dimitar Dilkoff/AFP via Getty Images

The woman also mentioned that only about 30 percent of the Russian population has a passport that allows them to leave the country, but even those with passports are finding it "virtually impossible" to do so.

"Not intending in any way to detract from the absolutely devastating humanitarian crisis that is happening in Ukraine right now as a result of Russia's invasion," she said. "Just wanted to shed light on what's happening in Russia right now internally because it's honestly petrifying and it has a potential to further threaten global peace and stability and security in a truly unprecedented way."

She ended the video by explaining that the more censorship that's placed on independent media and individuals in Russia, the more Putin's power becomes unchecked. She said the discontinuation of information flow throughout Russia provides him with less accountability.

"There is a clinically insane person as the head of state in Russia right now and he has access to nuclear weapons," she said at the tail end of the video.

More than 11,400 users commented on the TikTok, many thanking the woman for sharing information about Russia and explaining that talking about the Russian people does not take away from the crisis in Ukraine.

"The people of Russia and Ukraine are victims of Putin," one comment read.

"Most of us have figured out it's one mad-man and his rich friends doing this, not the Russian common folks," one user commented.

"May the Russian people be free as well," another comment read. "There have been some accounts shedding the same light. So thank you for educating us!"

Newsweek reached out to @russianpappiiiis for comment but did not hear back in time for publication.