Woman Compares Going Upstairs to an 'Extreme Sport' Due to Wonky Stairs

A woman's video of a bizarre wonky staircase at a house she was looking to buy has gone viral, with her comparing getting upstairs to an "extreme sport."

Esther Gratton was house-hunting when she came across what she thought was the perfect home, until she tried to explore the second floor by climbing stairs the previous owners had installed themselves.

She shared a clip of the beige-carpeted stairs on her TikTok page, @.esty. As she pans round, the staircase comprises steps that are clearly mismatched, with many of them dangerously narrow.

Gratton, from London, Canada, captioned the video: "Extreme sport just to go upstairs."

In the on-screen captions, she added: "When you are viewing a house and everything is great until you see the stairs. Wtf is that."

Despite inheriting an uneven set of steps, the mom revealed she did buy the house in the end.

The 30-year-old told Newsweek: "Well they are definitely not easy to walk on but we have gotten used to them with time. We have not fallen down them at all yet thankfully.

"We try to be super careful because our son's room is upstairs so we are normally carrying him up/down them. Our plan is to redo them eventually but we have to save for it first because it will not be an easy reno."

The clip has amassed more than 4 million views, as people questioned how safe the steps were to use, while Gratton shared some background information.

Gratton, who works as a make-up artist and nail technician, revealed: "It was the owner's little DIY job, we are the second people to live here."

She shared follow-up videos responding to queries and giving people a tour of the entire house, revealing what was at the stop of the scary staircase.

In another clip, shared in April, she showed off the kitchen, basement—with a normal flight of stairs—living room, spa room, bathroom, master bedroom, backyard with pool, baby room and guest room.

She joked about the stairs going down to the basement, which has a playroom, TV area, small home gym and office, saying: "Yes at least we have one normal set"

And she filmed the backyard, complete with a pool, saying: "This is the reason we fell in love with the house."

Gratton added there were so many other features that made the house worth buying, but confirmed she's going to get a new staircase one day.

Responding to questions, she said: "Yes we got the house! Can't beat the price and the other features it had. Today's market is hard enough we loved the house so we will fix the stairs eventually.


Reply to @pepsiringding House tour as promised! Wait till the end to see why we fell in love 😍 #greenscreen #crazystairs #househunting #voiceeffects

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"The plan is to replace them eventually! I have sort of gotten used to it. It's mostly my son I worry about with them eventually. But it will be expensive. We got quoted $10,000, gotta start saving now."

And she added the house did pass inspection.

Numerous people joked about the staircase online, with Superbunny writing: "That's a ladder."

SuperMikeMike thought: "Might as well replace them with a rock wall."

"I'm pretty sure that's against code just saying," Katrina Fluekiger said.

While Jade added: "I broke my neck just watching this."

Update 6/29/21, 4:09 a.m. ET: This article was updated with pictures and video from Gratton. Update 6/30/21, 3:31 a.m. ET: This article was updated with comment from Gratton.

Esther Gratton's wonky stairs.
A shot of Esther Gratton's wonky stairs. She compared going upstairs to an "extreme sport" due to their uneven and wonky layout. @.esty