Woman Complains After Pumpkin Farm Kicks Her Out for Bringing Giant Snake

A woman was recently kicked out of a pumpkin farm after employees discovered that she had brought her child's pet snake. The upset woman reached out to the pumpkin farm on Facebook and threatened to contact a news outlet.

Screenshots of the conversation were posted to the Reddit forum "F**k You Karen" by a Redditor under the username u/Cyberrebel9. The Redditor stated in the post's comments that they obtained the screenshots from a separate Facebook post. The original poster's identity was not released.

According to the screenshots, the incident occurred at The Great Pumpkin Farm in Clarence, New York.

The farm confirmed for Newsweek that the screenshots were real.

In the messages obtained by u/Cyberrebel9, the upset customer threatened to contact the news media before angrily recounting her version of events.

"I am reaching out to you all regarding me and my family and friends being kicked out on Saturday for my son having his snake," the woman said. "[I]t does not state anywhere that he cannot have his snake with him, the only thing that [sic] stated that there is [are] no dogs allowed ..."

The woman continued to say that she and her family spent more than two hours at the farm before they were asked to leave.

"I spent $50 online plus the processing fee for the five of us to get in. I also bought a wristband for my daughter and I bought a family pack [of] tickets for me and my two friends so we could ride a couple of the big rides," she continued.

She claimed that two security officers escorted her and her group out and expressed that she felt that they were "treated like we were literally committing a crime."

A second screenshot shows the farm's response, which began: "We have re-activated your tickets online so you may come back another time without your snake."

They explained that employees received "multiple complaints" from other guests about the snake, and added that "a sign should not be needed to inform people that snakes are not allowed."

"Regardless — if you would like to come back another time without your snake, we are happy to have you back," The Great Pumpkin Farm concluded.

The woman then demanded a full refund, not only for the entry tickets but for her daughter's bracelet and the ride tickets as well, as she could "not afford to come back."

The Great Pumpkin Farm explained that a full refund would not be possible, but reiterated that they would re-activate her tickets, which she could use either this year or next. They further explained that unused ride tickets will be accepted at the farm and offered to replace the wristband.

The woman, unhappy with the solution, said she would contact a news outlet.

The Great Pumpkin Farm told Newsweek via Facebook messenger that farm employees were not initially aware that the woman had brought a snake. They said that she must have "hid the snake upon entering."

"They never asked anyone prior to entering if we would allow the snake," they further explained.

In the 26 years that they've been open, The Great Pumpkin Farm said that no one has ever attempted to bring a snake.

"There are many reasons we would not allow a python into the farm including the obvious—the safety of our customers and staff as well as safety of our farm animals," the farm said.

Redditor u/Cyberrebel9 alleged that the snake in question was a 3.5-foot ball python. Commenters said that the woman was wrong for bringing the snake, as pythons' body temperatures need to be closely regulated.

"I'm worried for that snake honestly. Poor thing must be stressed to hell and back if they regularly take it [to] crowded places like that," said u/froreWolf.

User u/alimagrog responded: "Not to mention, would it be able to regulate its temperature properly? What if it was too cold or too hot? How would the humans know?"

Ball pythons are native to Sub Saharan Africa, said the Oakland Zoo.

According to The Spruce Pets, ball pythons need "a basking spot of about 90 degrees and an ambient temperature in the low 80s." They recommend python owners place thermometers at each end of the python's enclosure to monitor the temperature.

Heat lamps or heating pads might be necessary to keep a ball python's tank warm, the website continued.

One commenter wondered if the incident would force the farm to re-word its pet policy.

"I wonder if they're going to update the wording of their rules next year, to something like 'no pets/animals of any kind' or even better: 'no dogs or snakes allowed' — make sure Karen knows it's just for her dumb a**," said u/MeesaMadeMeDoIt.

ball python
A woman was recently kicked out of a pumpkin farm after employees discovered that she had brought her child’s pet snake. David Kenny/iStock

Updated 10/19/2021, 5:15 p.m. ET: This story has been updated with comments from The Great Pumpkin Farm.