Woman Cooks Tomahawk Steak in Car Engine Amid Sweltering Las Vegas Weather

A woman claims she cooked a massive steak in her car engine amid scorching temperatures in Las Vegas.

Getti Kehayova, a Guinness World Record holder, decided to use a Mini Cooper as a makeshift oven, as she unveiled a huge tomahawk steak.

Kehayova shared footage of the cookout to Twitter on Monday, where it's been seen more than 6 million times. It can be viewed here.

"Cooked a steak on my Mini Cooper engine in the Las Vegas heat," she captioned the post, while on Instagram she added the hashtags #tomahawksteak.

In the clip, she wraps the meat in aluminum foil, as she explains she's placing it "right on top of the turbo," and she seasons it with pepper.

"I can feel the heat," she tells the camera, as she gets in the driver's seat saying: "Let's cook this steak."

She films the car's dashboard, pointing out its "106 degrees" outside. She drives around for 38 minutes, before pulling over to check on the steak.

"I'm so excited," she says, using oven mitts to handle the joint, which appears cooked. Kehayova raves it looks "amazing," before taking a bite.

She jumps for joy while someone off-camera says "it worked." Although she later shared an update in a follow-up tweet, adding: "It was actually rare on the inside, had to cook the rest of it at home."

But lots of people like their steak a little pink inside, while some go as far as eating it "blue," which BBC Good Food describes as "a dark colour, almost purple, and just warm. It will feel spongy with no resistance."

Many people commented on the technique, joking it was one way to make your gas dollars go further.

I Have No Idea revealed: "Love it ... we used to cook dinner on our truck engines while fishing steelhead and salmon on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington when it was raining nearly an inch an hour ..."

Conald Peterson warned: "You should not eat meat cooked over an engine. Just fyi."

Fuzzy G quipped: "I see a new Restaurant concept coming to Vegas!!"

I may need to do this on my next drive out to Vegas," @FacesAndAcesLV commented.

Dianna said: "Save time n heating up the bbq or the house with the oven. Love it!"

Vyse Krugger pointed out: "This is like the modern-day version of the Mongols cooking meat in their saddles as they rode."

Vittorio_schirinzi wrote: "Great way to save cooking gas."

Ian Harvey joked: "Yes, I'd like my steak cooked Mini Cooper turbo."

According to Vegas.com the weather for Friday should see highs of 105°F, and lows of 82°F.

The city in Nevada has been experiencing very hot weather lately, with the mercury hitting 108 degrees last week, according to National Weather Service Las Vegas (NWSVegas).

Last month, the daily temperature record was broken in Vegas, with highs of 109 degrees on June 11.

At the time, NWSVegas tweeted: "We did it! We broke today's daily record, topping out at 109 degrees! The hottest day of the year so far!

"It also breaks the daily record of 108 degrees set in 1996."

While the service tweeted: "The all time record high temp in Las Vegas is 117...

"Las Vegas has hit 117 on 5 separate occasions with the most recent one being July 10, 2021."

Newsweek reached out to Kehayova for comment.

File photo of car and steak.
File photo of car and steak. A woman claims she cooked a steak in her car engine. rasikabendre / Milanchikov/Getty Images