Woman Praised for Her Dark Method of Repelling Unwanted Attention: 'Cursed'

A woman has received widespread praise for her unusual method of repelling unwanted attention online, with people likening it to a "curse."

Whether you're single or not, most of us have been the recipient of messages and advances from strangers who can be quite persistent.

There are a number of established tactics to rebuff admirers, including blocking someone's number, or a more direct approach by simply telling them to back off.

But Kristyna decided to be a little creative with her messages, after getting repeated texts from a man over a number of months.

She shared a clip to her TikTok page, @kristxnkx, as she revealed the message conversation, starting on September 12.

The man sends her "Hii baby," and over the next few months he persists with messages at random intervals, interspersing his opener with "Hii sexy," while in March he simply wrote "sexy."

Seemingly fed up with his advances, she decided to respond one day, but it probably wasn't the reply the man hoped for.

Kristyna trawled the internet for dark images, sending bizarre photos of contorted limbs with horns, people wearing animal heads armed with weapons, eerie snaps of a church, and other images with occult vibes.

As well as the sinister imagery she peppered her replies with text, with people in the comments identifying the language as Hebrew.

"How to get rid of someone who won't stop texting you," she captioned the clip.

Since being shared at the beginning of the month, the video has amassed more than 3 million views, and can be seen here. While it was also shared across Reddit on Tuesday, to the Oddly Terrifying forum, where it racked up 63,000 upvotes.

Her method has been hailed online, with people claiming they're going to copy her method next time they're in a similar situation.

But Hebrew-speakers also translated the words, claiming they too had dark undertones, including a recipe for cooking cats.

JonBenz commented: "Nonsense? Sounds like a spell / curse to me, involving asphyxiation in a car by smoke due to a dysfunctional window."

Sar wrote: "Can we talk about how you just told him how to cook a cat."

De/pressed joked: "Girl wrote a whole recipe of how to cook a cat."

Raybkchan admitted: "Was expecting him to reply 'so when are you free then' at the end."

Girl wrote a whole recipe of how to cook a cat."

Danny reckoned: "What in all of history.. u traumatized that brotha."

Ajax raved: "I'm gonna start doing this to people."

Zoe commented: "Didn't expect that. Best idea ever."

Vivien said: "I usually just block them but that's hilarious."

Nikesha thought: "U straight up just cursed them lmao."

Soupewonton replied: "Holy! This is absolutely terrifying!"

Captain Nero pointed out: "Dude will be forever scared lol."

While Marianela Borátti added: "This is brilliant."

After the clip blew up, Kristyna wrote in the comments: "Yo guys I didn't really expected this to blow up sm lmfao, I'm sorry for everyone who can read Hebrew ahhaah."

And she shared tips on how to find similar images, saying, translated into English: "Just write something on Pinterest in the sense of 'ritual scary pics...'"

It's particularly common for women to the recipients of unwanted attention, with Anxiety & Depression Association of America (ADAA) noting: "For girls, the incidence is particularly alarming. From puberty to age 18, more than 90 percent of girls experience such unwanted encounters.

"Non-touch sexual attention covers a wide range of behaviors, from eye contact, body scanning and name-calling, to catcalling and verbal invitations for intimacy or sex."

When online, blocking someone can be the quickest and most effective method of halting any further pursuance, ADAA shared tips for how to tackle it in person.

They advised using your eyes, body language and a single assertive phrase to end a conversation if you feel uncomfortable in a situation.

Newsweek reached out to Kristyna for comment.

File photo of scary imagery.
File photo of scary imagery. A woman resorted to unusual methods to repel unwanted attention. Likozor/Getty Images