Woman Who Dates Other Men While Boyfriend Is at Work Divides Opinion Online

A video of a woman showing how she heads out on a date with another man while her boyfriend is at work has divided internet users, with some finding her polyamory amusing and others judging her actions.

The woman, who goes by the name of Kaniseofficial on TikTok, shared her daily routine which included going out to dinner with one man, then returning home to finish preparing pasta in time for her boyfriend's arrival.

The clip starts with a fairly mundane routine including getting Starbucks, grocery shopping, working, playing with her cat and having wine with a friend as they browse a dating app.

After this, the controversial part of the fast-moving video—which has gone viral on both TikTok and Twitter— begins as the woman can be heard saying: "I then prepped dinner, my man said that he wanted pasta tonight and while he was at work I went on a date."

The footage cuts to her enjoying a pizza and a cocktail while out with her date, and she says: "The restaurant was really, really nice. Great conversation and the food was delicious so I really did have a nice time."

She rounds off the video by filming herself adding prawns and chicken into the pasta, explaining: "When I got back home I finished off that pasta I was working on earlier. It was really really good, and I served it to him [her boyfriend] for dinner.

"We watched a movie and then we went to sleep."

Kaniseofficial captioned the controversial video, which can be watched here, writing: "#dayinmylife #datenight #fashiondesigner."

She then went on to clarify: "For everyone confused: I have a man (2 years) but until my taxes say married I'm single. He has the option to date as well but choses not to."

The clip, which was posted on August 28, has since been viewed 194,000 times on TikTok and received 41,200 likes.

The video was also reposted to Twitter by user _GordonGartrell on August 30 with the caption "Now did I hear that correctly," and it has already surpassed a whopping 2.3 million views and garnered 2,100 comments and 30,300 retweets.

Many people rushed to the comments section to share their thoughts on the woman's actions.

Some people saw the funny side of the clip, with Gabrielle Kelley writing: "I just came to the comments to make sure I wasn't trippin," alongside a string of laughing-face emojis.

GloballyNomad added: "She really needs to teach a class on time management cuz she did a whole week's worth of activities in one day."

Originalorain typed: "Homegirl started cooking for her man... turned the stove off to go on a date (with another man)... then went back home & click that stove on & got back to work on dinner. lmaooooo. I don't even know if this is pure evil or just a genius"

Trellybaybee stated: "It's u going on a date while ur man at work. Get it sis!!!"

Alexis Barco commented: "It's the 'my man wanted pasta... I went on a date' for me!"

TheyHateNoelll stated: "Men want polygamist and open relationships all the time why is this so crazy?"

However others were critical of the woman's actions, including ShotChucker, who opined: "Why not just be single, what's the point in being committed if you're still seeing other people. Getting married ain't gonna change anything."

Blizardfingers3 agreed, exclaiming: "Can't do it. If you can't be loyal before the tax change, then you're in the relationship with the wrong intentions."

JLeNae_ shared: "If she is clearly open to dating other men, then any smart woman would know the man she cooked for is obviously seeing other woman.

"They would rather treat each other as options than a priority smh. This relationship is just a waste of time."

Newsweek have contacted Kaniseofficial for comment.

man and woman holding hands
A stock image of a couple holding hands. On TikTok a woman has caused controversy by sharing that she went on a date with another man while her boyfriend was at work. Getty Images