Woman 'Resentful' After Mom Leaves Her Less Inheritance Divides Opinion

A woman has split opinion online after confessing to being hurt by her late mom's decision to change her will.

Taking to popular online forum Mumsnet, the woman explained that she has a brother and two nephews, but that she is childless "not through choice."

"She always said that everything would be split between us equally when they died and their wills were made up 20 years ago to say this," she shared, adding that this was before any children were added into the equation.

"Obviously a lot can change in 20 years and two years ago my mom changed her will."

The will was altered to give a third to the poster, a third to her brother and the remainder to be split between the two nephews.

Initially, she explained, her brother's reaction was to argue against the new will, citing that it was unfair. According to the woman, their parents were heavy on being "fair and equal" throughout their lives, including buying a present for the poster when they provided free childcare to the brother.

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Now, the woman explained that although she will agree to go ahead with the changes, despite the will not being legally binding due to a lack of witnesses, she still feels somewhat hurt by the choice.

"She didn't speak to us about it so I have no idea why she changed it. I think if she had talked to us about it, my brother would have said it wasn't fair," she wrote.

"At the moment I'm the only one who is resentful. I'm struggling whether to tell my brother that it feels unfair to me, and I don't understand my mom's decision, so that he knows how I feel," continued the woman.

According to research from financial company Ameriprise, only 15 percent of siblings report conflicts over money. However, of those that do, nearly 70 percent are related to their parents. The top root of problems was how an inheritance is divided.

With even siblings left squabbling over how to feel when it comes to inheritance, the internet was sure to find itself torn too. Respondents to the dilemma ranged across the spectrum of emotions, with those validating the anonymous woman's feelings while others slammed her "entitlement."

"The sense of entitlement to other people's money never ceases to amaze me," wrote one user. "Her grandchildren are separate individuals in their own right, yet you begrudge them money because they aren't your children.

"Would you be quite so bitter if you'd had children and you inherited less but your children inherited as well? No, I didn't think so."

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Another agreed, arguing: "I don't see it in the same way as your brother at all. The money is not going to 'us', they're three separate people and presumably his children aren't going to get theirs until they're adults?

"They're not going to benefit from each other's money. I think it's a really nice thing your mum did, and it's definitely fair. Presumably if you'd had children then they'd also have got a share."

Others however favored the poster, seeing things from her point of view, writing: "It may not be unfair but it is hurtful."

"When my mom died I was the only one of her three children with children myself and she split her will between the three of us equally. That is what most people do in my experience."