Woman Dies After Being 'Dropped' on Floor Following Surgery

A woman has died after she was "dropped" on the operating theater floor following surgery, according to her husband.

Jeannette Shields, 70, broke her hip while she was at the Cumberland Infirmary in Carlisle, North West England, where she was being treated for gall stones, BBC News reported. While she was in the hospital she buzzed for help to go to the restroom, but went by herself when she got no answer, and she fell and broke her hip after she got dizzy, her husband, John Shields, told the broadcaster.

She then had surgery to fix her broken hip, and the hospital told her husband that the procedure had gone to plan but "unfortunately they dropped her off the operating [table] after the surgery."

John Shields, 78, said: "She had a great big bump on the back of her head and she just deteriorated and then she just passed away, just died... I'm really shocked."

Her daughter, identified only as Vikki in the report, said: "You've never seen a bump like it on the bottom of her head."

An obituary published by the News and Star local newspaper said Jeannette Shields died "suddenly but peacefully on Friday 21st May 2021, at the Cumberland Infirmary, with her loving family around her."

It described her as a "devoted" wife, "dearly loved" mother of two daughters, a "loving" sister, a "wonderful and caring" grandmother to four grandchildren, and "a special friend to many." Those attending the funeral on Wednesday were asked to wear bright colors.

John Shields said his wife's body underwent a post-mortem examination after he "demanded" one, and he described the hospital's response as "disgusting."

"They wouldn't do it in Carlisle, they didn't want to do it, but I've got it," he said.

The Care Quality Commission, an independent regulator of health and social care services in England, rated the North Cumbria Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust, which the hospital sits under, as requiring improvement on 27 November, 2020.

North Cumbria Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust told Newsweek: "An investigation is currently underway in relation to an incident involving a patient in one of our theatres. Our regulators are aware of the investigation.

"We are unable to comment on ongoing investigations and once it is complete, the findings will be shared with the family and with our regulators in line with normal procedure. The outcome of the investigation will also determine any further action that we will need to take. We remain in regular contact with the patient's family."

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A stock image shows surgeons at work. A woman has died after being "dropped" during surgery, according to her husband.