Woman 'In Disbelief' Her Grandson Can't Afford to Own a House at 22 Slammed

The internet has slammed a couple of boomers who called their grandson a "failure to launch," for not owning a home at 22 as they did back in the day, even though he's working two minimum-wage jobs, six days a week.

In a post shared on Reddit earlier in February, under the username u/sadz6900, the grandson explained that he's lived with them for about three years, and his grandma is acting in "disbelief" that he hasn't been able to move out yet and own his own house.

He said: "My boomer grandparents, whom I live with, just told me I've 'failed to launch.' I work 2 jobs and work almost always 6 days a week, if I work both jobs on the same day I usually work no less than 9 hours that day."

grandma slammed for calling grandson a failure
Stock images. Frustrated young man, disappointed grandparents. The internet has slammed a couple of boomers for calling their grandson a failure to launch because he doesn't own a house at 22. Getty Images

According to a report from the National Association of Realtors, the typical first-time buyer as of 2022 is about 36 years old, an all-time high. The median U.S. home price is $384,800.

The poster also added that no job that pays more than minimum wage would even consider him for an interview, and he doesn't get why his grandparents are being so harsh on him.

"I just don't understand why old people seem to be living in a fantasy land with everything happening right in front of their eyes," he said.

Life coach Marni Goldman told Newsweek that for the sake of his sanity, and mental health, the poster needs to move out from his grandparents' house immediately.

She said: "Somebody should resend the memo to your grandparents letting them know that owning a house has nothing to do with defining your worth. I'm so deeply sorry that the unconditional love you so deeply deserve, has been tainted by your grandparents. It's so cruel for anyone to measure your worth and value contingent upon you owning a piece of property. Life is not a game of Monopoly. If it cost you your peace, it's too expensive.

She advises him to take baby steps, and look online for a roommate to share expenses with. "You are so young with your life ahead of you, unfortunately, it sounds like you're working your way toward burnout or a breakdown. Life is too short to be only doing things (working two jobs for rent) because you 'have to' not because you 'want to.'"

According to Goldman, we need to find the people who bring out the best in us, not the stress in us. She said: "Remember, what people say about you, has more to do with them! You are absolutely not a failure, but absolutely fabulous!"

The post initially shared on the r/antiwork subreddit, has quickly gained popularity across the platform, receiving over 19,200 upvotes and 2,700 comments so far.

One user, SolomonCRand, commented: "Ask for their help budgeting and apartment hunting. Make them make the math work, if it's so easy." And northstarlinedrawing said: "This is perfect. Let them see for themselves what's affordable with two minimum-wage jobs."

Rustmutt wrote: "This is how my friend got her boomer dad to shut the f*** up. He helped them apartment hunt. She works for him too so there's the added bonus of he knows how much money she makes lol." And Nyarlothep666 added: "The boomers fight affordable housing at every turn then b**** that people don't own houses."

Another user, agnostichymns, commented: "Because if there's a cheap house in a nearby neighborhood, then THEY can't flip their 3000 sq ft garish McMansion that they bought for a handshake in 1982 for a quick million. Investments only go up, dammit!"

And ColumbusMark added: "I'm a Boomer (barely) and I get to say this: It's amazing how many OTHER Boomers don't get this, and I can EASILY see how much harder it is for younger people today.

"Kids today have so many insurmountable hurdles placed in front of them that many of us Boomers never had to contend with. My kids are 27 and 24, and it is MUCH harder for them than it was for me at the same age (in the late'80s/early 90s)."

Newsweek reached out to u/sadz6900 for comment. We could not verify the details of the case.

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