Woman Discovers Husband's Second Family After Reading His Baby's Birth Announcement in Paper

Earlier this month, TikTok user Ami Addison posted a stitch with a TikToker user by the name of mamatoria28, who says in her video: "Tell me how you found out your ex-spouse was cheating on you." In Addison's stitch, which now has over 300,000 views, she replied, "say less, I have a great story." Addison then proceeded to explain that she discovered her husband had cheated after reading his baby's birth announcement in the local paper.

About a week before their 10th wedding anniversary, Addison tells viewers that she was sitting at work when she decided to flip through a local newspaper. When she turned to the birth announcement section, she was shocked to find his name alongside another woman announcing the birth of a new baby boy. "I know it's his name because it was an unusual name," she said in the video.

Just to be sure, she says she visited the website for the hospital that was named in the announcement. Once on the website, she typed her husband's name and the other woman's name into the search bar and found, not just a photo of the baby boy she had just read about, but also of the baby girl the other woman and her husband had just over a year prior.

Commenters were shocked, so she continued to tell the 21-part story on her TikTok page.

In parts two and three of the story, Addison describes how she prepared to confront her husband about his second family. Wanting to have all of her "ducks in a row," she didn't confront him immediately. So, that day, a Wednesday, she went home and used her "strong girl CSI skills" to find where the other woman lived.

The next day, while her husband was working "overtime" hours, she packed up as much clothing as she could for herself and her three children, picked the kids up from school and checked into a hotel. She said she also drove by the woman's house to find his car sitting in the street. Angry, she dumped his clothes and his shoes on his car, in the pouring rain, with an anniversary card.

When he finally called, it was apparent he hadn't checked on his car, as he alleged that both he and his car were at work. When she told him to go check on his vehicle and call her back, she hung up. Over an hour later, he finally called Addison back from their home phone.

In that phone call, the husband told Addison that there had been a huge misunderstanding about who he was with and where he had been. He explained it off as a "work lunch," and denied the birth announcement Addison had read in the paper only a day prior.

Eventually, however, he admitted to cheating and told Addison that he would give up the other woman and their children in order to make his marriage with Addison work. She refused and told him to "suffer the consequences" of his choices. In retaliation, he changed the locks on the home, forcing Addison and her children to live out of a hotel for the next week.

She continues to tell viewers that she had "a lot of friends in low places," who convinced her husband to leave their home. He emptied the house of almost everything except for heavy furniture he could not lift and moved in with his sister.

From there, he harassed Addison. He tried to take her vehicle, sent threatening messages, etc. Eventually, she filed a restraining order. One month later, he officially filed for divorce. After one year of working out the settlement, the courts ruled that she could keep their home and her car, he kept his car and all the belongings he took from the home when he initially moved out, and he withdrew his request for spousal support, so she didn't owe him a dime.

But that isn't where their story ends. Addison tells viewers that seven years later, he sent her a friend request on Facebook. Wanting closure, she accepted and the two went out for dinner. He admitted to being 100% at fault for the dissolution of their marriage and proposed to her after alleging to be totally single. She declined. But she did find out that he was lying — he was still seeing the other woman and a new girlfriend.

After a few more marriage proposals and dozens of lies, a "friendly associate" of her ex-husband asked Addison out on a date. She accepted and the two "haven't been apart since." She and her new husband have been married for eight years. "The good girl wins in the end," she says in part 21 of her story.

"Awww this story has the BEST ending," commented one user. "I'm so happy for you!!!"

Said another: "Best 21 part TikTok ever!! Congrats!!!!"

Ami Addison
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