Woman Dumped by Text After Having Miscarriage on Thanksgiving Seeks Advice

A woman has taken to Reddit to share how she was dumped via text after suffering a miscarriage on Thanksgiving—and the internet is outraged on her behalf.

In the post, which was shared by an account called Brave_Captain7149, the woman explained that she was "5ish weeks pregnant" when she "began the miscarriage process" last Thursday.

She revealed that prior to this she and her boyfriend "were happy, we picked out baby names, we looked for a larger space to move into, he loved me."

"Thanksgiving he's been very distant, I am grieving HARD and he offered no comfort and gets angry when I express emotion," she added.

The woman then explained that she felt hurt by his actions, writing: "I just really needed him to care and love me extra hard.

"Last night I did tell him that I needed more from him and I need his help.

"This morning he broke up with me over text message, saying I'm toxic and only try to make him feel bad. Here I am, losing my baby and left over text message. "

The woman ended the post, which can be viewed here, by asking for "some support and advice."

The story has gained lots of traction on Reddit since it was posted on November 28, with more than 10,700 upvotes.

Additionally, over 800 people have taken to the comments to lend messages of support.

Miscarriages are more common than one might think, happening in around 10 to 15% of pregnancies. Most miscarriages happen before the 12th week of pregnancy, which is in the first trimester.

One social media user, Diddlykongd, wrote: "I am so sorry, I'm kinda grateful my ex boyfriend never found out about my miscarriage, he was already cruel enough and that would've just exacerbated that.

"Everyone grieves differently, but time really was the only thing that helped me heal that pain. Cry it out as hard as you need to, things will get better.

"I'm still in my own healing process but things are looking up, and please feel free to dm [direct message] me if you need a friend right now."

Another person, Five_by5, added: "My ex left me whilst I was having a miscarriage and also broke up with me over text. It was awful, emotional and felt so vulnerable and alone.

"Reach out to those that care about you. Family, friends. Use your support network. Don't go through it alone like I did."

Practical_magik shared: "I am so sorry for your loss OP [original poster]. I know the the last thing you need to hear right now is how much better off without him you are, but in time you will see that is true.

"Take time to grieve and take extra care of yourself. Can you go to your parents or a friend?

"You don't have the emotional bandwidth to deal with him right now and should focus on your own healing."

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A stock image of a woman with her head in her hands. A Redditor recently shared her story about how she was dumped via text after suffering a miscarriage on Thanksgiving. iStock