Woman Expecting One Baby Has Four, Quadrupling Size of Family Overnight

A woman has given birth to quadruplets, after thinking that she had been pregnant with one baby.

Madison Collier, a part-time teacher from Atlanta, got the shock of her life when her obstetrician carried out an ultrasound scan at her eight-week confirmation appointment back in April.

Her doctor initially revealed that she was pregnant with more than one baby, but it wasn't just twins, as Collier had instinctively assumed.

"He goes.. well, there's more than 1. And I'm like ohhh nooooo not twins!!!! And he goes no, not twins. And then I'm confused.. I'm literally thinking.. they come in more than that????," Collier wrote on Instagram, where she's been documenting her experience.

"Now I'm panicked.. he looks a little more and then goes well.. I see 4."

Her doctor also asked if she was taking any fertility medication, which she was not.

"The nurses rush in and lay me down. They're fanning me and giving me water," she said.

Collier said that she initially thought that her doctor was joking, and started hyperventilating, shaking and crying when it dawned on her that she was pregnant with quadruplets, and the additional risks and costs that would bring.

The Colliers already had one child, their daughter Isla, who was three years old at the time and requires additional care because she has juvenile arthritis.

Her parents had wanted to give her one sibling and to be a family of four.

Her husband, marketing consultant Justin, had to lie down on the floor when she broke the news to him over the phone.

Madison Collier said that it took a week for the shock to wear off.

"Due to Isla's many doctor appointments and physical therapy sessions, it's hard for Madison to work full time. So as you can imagine their tight budget just got a whole lot tighter," Madison Collier's sister-in-law Jamie Collier wrote on a GoFundMe page she set up to help raise funds for the family.

She added that the Colliers were told that the odds of conceiving quadruplets naturally were one in 700,000.

"To add to that, all babies have their own sac and placenta, which has the odds of 1 in 15 million."

Madison Collier gave birth to two girls, Eliza June and Iris Annabelle, and two boys, Calloway Silas and Wilder Shepherd, on September 3.

"The babies came a little earlier than expected, but the teams at Northside [Hospital] were right there to help us and encourage us the whole way," she told WSBTV.

Four babies lying on blanket on grass
A stock photo shows four babies, not related to Madison Collier's quadruplets. Collier said that her husband had to lie down on the floor when he found out they were expecting four children. paulprescott72/iStock