Woman's Failed IRL Pick-Up Attempt at Starbucks Watched 1M Times

A woman's attempt to find a date in a Starbucks has gone viral, after the video left a bitter taste in the mouth of some viewers, but the TikToker said it's better than the online dating most resort to.

The video was shared by Rosette Luve and has been viewed over a million times in a week. In the clip, Luve gave her name as "single and available" when requested by the barista.

"I have a drink ready for single and available," yelled the barista.

"That's me. I'm single and available," repeated Luve out loud in the Starbucks, continuing as she made her exit. "I'm single and available if anybody wants to know. You can stop me if you want," she said, as she angled her phone towards a man in a brown top.

Unfortunately for Luve, no one looked up, including the man in the brown top. A seemingly older man however did respond. "Jesus loved you very much," he said. "Just the way you are."

"I was just trying to....okay," said Luve, seemingly giving us as she looked over to the man in the brown top again. "I'm single and available though," she added, as he actually covered his face.

Many viewers alluded that Luve had been attempting to gain the attention of the man in the brown top, seemingly confirmed in a comment by herself.

"Trying to get the guy in the brown shirt's attention but ends up getting hyped up by an older man," wrote one viewer. "Always happens," responded Luve, who liked the comment too.

The video can also be seen in full here.

Although her attempt to get one man's attention may have proved unsuccessful, it sparked conversation over whether or not IRL pick-up attempts are perceived well.

Comments flooded dubbing the interaction "desperate" and "embarrassing" but Luve explained that it's simply different from other modern attempts.

"It's called putting yourself out there rather than being locked looking at a screen," she wrote in a comment, responding to a user criticizing her method..

According to Statista, there were nearly 45 million users of online dating services in the U.S. in 2020. But like Luve not everyone is a fan of it.

"That's a good point," wrote one viewer in response to Luve.

"This truly is the best way to pick out a winner from a lobby full of people," wrote another.

"[I've] been on a couple great dates from this," added Luve.

Whether you're a fan of Luve's technique or not, the video has certainly gained interest online and sparked conversation, with almost 7,000 comments.

Newsweek has contacted Luve for comment.

Man and woman in coffee shop
Stock image of a man and woman talking in a coffee shop. A woman's attempt to find a date in a Starbucks has gone viral. Getty Images