Woman's Chair Suddenly Collapses During Meeting With CEO

A woman was left red-faced after falling off a chair during a Zoom meeting with her CEO, leaving her colleagues struggling to contain their amusement.

In a recording of the comedic moment shared to TikTok on June 23, Charlotte Kozinets, a sales assistant for Monograph, a practice operations platform for architecture firms in California, is talking away when the accident happens.

She can at first be heard telling the meeting that: "Then I'll probably go down to Jersey where my uncle lives and stay and hang out with him for a bit."

However, a split second later and the chair she is sitting on has collapsed beneath her, and she suddenly drops out of sight.

To make matters more amusing, the perplexed CEO then appears on screen, trying not to laugh as he asks if she is okay.

After appearing back on camera, Kozinets tells him she is fine and then asks another co-worker: "Carl, are you recording this? The chair just broke."

While chuckling, Carl responds: "I desperately hope so... yeah, it's recorded,"

Kozinets captioned the clip, writing: "please watch my chair break while on a meeting with my CEO. #funny."

Speaking to Britain's The Mirror, she explained: "The video was a recording of our 'Sales Sync Meeting,' which we have daily, but of course, it was a Monday and of course it was our chief of staff's first day (whom you can see silently laughing in the video).


please watch my chair break while on a meeting with my CEO. #funny

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"There were a total of five people in the meeting, so thankfully not a huge audience but we were also just starting the meeting and getting all the intros out of the way for the new guy.

"So we still had another hour after this to discuss our business agenda."

The footage has since gone viral, having been viewed by more than 1.7 million people, and surpassed 329,500 likes.

Many took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the hilarious video.

One TikTok user, Em, wrote: "Your reaction is hilarious I would've been like red in the face and on the verge of tears."

Another person, Megandmickey57, added: "Hahahaha you deserve a raise for the humiliation and entertainment."

JJ typed: "Omg. Your team is WAYYYY more straight-laced than MY team. We would have all been in tears for 10 minutes then just called the meeting."

Tori stated: "Lol her coming back with her glasses crooked."

EmEv commented: "Thank you SO MUCH for blessing all of us with this."

Lizzal explained: "I've watched this so many times it's so funny."

Sasha Marie shared a similarly embarrassing experience, writing: "I was in a Zoom meeting, on mute, my dog did the potty sniff. I shouted, do you have to go potty? CEO was talking, said no thanks for asking. Not muted."

Newsweek has contacted Charlotte Kozinets for comment.

Update 6/30/21 5:30 a.m. ET: This article was updated to better describe Monograph.

Woman on a Zoom meeting
A stock image of a woman on a Zoom meeting. In a recently made viral TikTok video, a woman fell off her chair during a meeting. Getty Images