Woman Falls Head First Behind Couch at Boozy Brunch in Hilarious Video

A now-viral video that showed one woman trapped behind a couch at a boozy brunch has left the internet in hysterics.

The video, posted to Facebook by the woman's friend Julie Jackson, has amassed nearly 3 million views and thousands of comments from viewers who joked that the hilarious predicament was oddly relatable.

According to LadBible, 40-year-old Lindsay Clark was out celebrating the birthday of a friend at a restaurant in North East England when one of the attendees dropped her jacket behind the sofa. Clark—who'd been drinking prosecco—reached back to grab it, but fell headfirst behind the couch.

"She was stuck for about 10 minutes in total," Jackson told LadBible.

A now-viral video that shows one woman trapped behind a couch at a boozy brunch has left the internet in hysterics. The woman was helped free by the restaurant staff after about 10 minutes. Rawpixel/istock

In the video, two members of the restaurant's wait staff pull at Clark's legs in an attempt to yank her out from behind the couch. As they do this, Clark's friends watch and laugh.

When the staff finally manages to free Clark, the whole group cheers.

"Did you grab the jacket?" someone shouted.

"No," Clark responded as one of the waiters placed the jacket on the sofa.

Speaking to LadBible, Jackson said that the staff was "very lovely."

"[T]hey could have been funny about it but they were really nice," she said.

Both Jackson and Clark also told local media that they thought the ordeal was "hilarious," with Clark adding that she's "happy" the video went viral.

"[I]t's just a bit of a laugh," said Jackson.

Writing for Hunter's Weekly in 1895, Guy Beringer—the British author who purportedly first coined the term "brunch"—explained that brunch should be a "cheerful" affair, said Southern Living.

"Brunch is cheerful, sociable and inciting,"⁣ he wrote. ″⁣It is talk-compelling. It puts you in a good temper, it makes you satisfied with yourself and your fellow beings, it sweeps away the worries and cobwebs of the week.″⁣

Whether or not Clark and Jackson's brunch swept away their worries is yet to be determined; however, it did make them, and thousands of online commenters, laugh.

"I'm crying," wrote Daniella Martin.

"This has made my day," commented Lorraine Barfather.

Kimberley McClumpha tagged a couple of friends and said: "I feel this is defo something that would happen to one of us."

"It absolutely would! And then we'd complain to the bar that it was their fault," one of her friends responded.

Faye Murray simply said the mishap was "relatable."

Newsweek reached out to Lindsay Clark and Julie Jackson for comment.

Of course, Clark isn't the first to experience a bit of trouble after indulging in some drinks. In December, a drunk woman fell asleep on a bar toilet and woke up to find she'd been locked inside. In May, a visitor to the South Carolina Aquarium went viral for drunkenly texting the business's "Text an Educator" number.

And in December 2020, a drunk woman went viral after admitting that she was lost on a horse in Mexico.