Woman Fears for Her Life After Being Caught in the Path of Kangaroo Stampede

A woman feared for her life as she got caught in the path of a kangaroo stampede while walking along a cliff.

The Australian, named Em, was taking a stroll at natural beauty spot Cape Bridgewater, just outside Victoria, and was miles from her car when the pack approached.

Worried she might not make it, she whipped out her phone and recorded the marsupials, while simultaneously sharing a goodbye message.

Luckily the 27-year-old survived unscathed, and shared the clip, which can be seen here, to TikTok on Monday.

She captioned the video, which has been seen more than 2 million times: "An actual representation of living in Australia."

In it Em says: "Just in case I die here there's a stampede of kangaroos coming for me. What the f***?"

In the distance, a horde of at least a dozen roos are hopping along the same path she's on, as she says "Oh my god" over and over again in a panicked tone as they get closer.

And there's nowhere to run and hide, as Em revealed she was on top of a cliff, with the sea clearly visible in the distance.

As they draw nearer, she says: "Alright, alright, alright I'm just going to hide in the cliff here. If I get kangaroo kicked to the face, what the f***."

She went back to repeating "oh my god" as she captures on camera the moment the animals spot her. The stop dead in their tracks, unsure, as some try and turn back.

But the majority plough on, using their infamous jumping skills to scale a wire fence to try and get away from the terrified woman.

After sharing her terrifying ordeal online, Em revealed a little more about the backstory to her potentially life-threatening encounter.

She said: "Add in that I'm on a cliff by myself three kilometers from my car = panic."

And in response to people saying she should have been quiet, she replied: "Ideal world 100 percent. Hence me moving off the walking track in hopes they would go past. Hard not to panic, they can cause serious harm." She confirmed: "They were all ok."

She later shared a scenic selfie from the cliff to Instagram, which she captioned: "Grateful for winter sunshine, being able to move around the state and surviving a kangaroo stampede."

While joeys in their mother's pouches are adorable, the adults can be formidable creatures. They're the world's largest marsupials, with males growing up to eight feet tall, and can weigh 200 pounds, according to PBS.

The males can also jump lengths of up to 30 feet, heights of 10 feet, and can reach speeds of 40 miles per hour, the website continued.

And it seems Em's strategy of staying put, rather than fleeing, was the right thing to do, as the Queensland Government's Department of Environment and Science says: "Turning your back on it and running could be dangerous as a large male can easily outrun you and still kick at the same time.

"If you are approached by an aggressive kangaroo or wallaby you should keep it at a safe distance so that it can't kick or scratch. For example, hold up a stick or branch, or stay behind a fence or a tree. Move away from the animal as quickly as you can."

They added people should show them a "healthy respect" adding: "Many people see large male kangaroos as placid grazing animals. The reality is that they can be aggressive towards people."

The clip has garnered incredible interest online, as Melody Cavill reckoned: "If you didn't record that no one would have believed you."

Jens of SE not Jens of CH joked: "Why do I feel like 'just in case I die here' is just a very casual way to start a sentence in Australia?"

Sticking up for Em, Qwerty wrote: "All the people saying to be quiet, as a 5"8 Australian woman some of those male kangaroos are above 6"0. The big males are dangerous."

And CC said: "Ya'll I've been attacked by wallabies. I ain't being quiet for no roos. They're so dangerous."

While Ash Norton wrote; "People who haven't seen a fully grown male kanga in real life don't understand. I saw one two years ago visiting Auz and can say your reaction is normal."

Newsweek reached out to Em for comment.

File photo of kangaroo pack.
File photo of a pack of kangaroos. A woman feared for her life after being caught in the path of a stampede in Australia. slowmotiongli/Getty Images