Woman Finds 'Crying' Baby Racoons Behind Her Bathroom Wall in Viral Video

A woman ripped apart her bathroom after hearing "crying," only to find trapped baby raccoons which had fallen down inside her wall.

She shared a series of clips to TikTok detailing the whole saga, which started off when she heard wailing coming from near the bath, adding her pug puppy was "curious."

She captured the rescue mission from start to finish, which involved taking down part of her bathroom, later confirming it was "very expensive."

Posting under the username Fulltime281, she filmed the process as her shower unit was removed, before parts of the plasterboard and insulation were cut away.

After dismantling a vast section of her bathroom, a pest control worker emerged with two raccoon cubs, which he placed inside a lined box.

TikTok user Fulltime281 shares clip after finding baby raccoons inside her bathroom wall

She revealed the worker initially took the pair home, and later to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA).

Responding to questions, she explained how she thought the cubs ended up behind her bathroom wall, and where their mom was.

"A raccoon came thru the vent from outside and may have gave birth..... The babies dropped behind the wall of the bathroom! The mom couldn't get to them so she's up in the attic running wide to get her babies.

"They set a trap in my attic to catch the mother, they will be monitoring the trap every 3-5 days to see if we catch her, [sic]" she added.

Her clips have amassed more than two million views as she kept followers informed on the cubs' progress, which were "severely dehydrated" when they were found.

The pest control worker, who she called a "hero," kept her updated on their condition, writing: "My wife's on her way home and stopping to pick up some pedialyte so we can see if that works to hydrate.

"We are taking them tomorrow morning to the rehabilitation center where they'll feed them after running tests to see if they are healthy or not due to falling down that far with just being born."

It seems the raccoons will be nursed back to health and likely released into the wild once they're old enough, as she was informed: "The baby raccoons have been dropped off to the wildlife center of the ASPCA.

"If they aren't healthy enough to recuperate fully then they will keep them and raise them until death since they have a license to do so. But whenever they are a year old if they are healthy they will release them back into the wild."

The woman added she was "happy to hear that," as thousands of people commented on the clips, praising her for saving the cubs.

TikTok user Amanda Garcia wrote: "Wow thank you for not just ignoring it and doing something."

Raccoon inside coffee shop in Shanghai
This picture taken on February 25, 2021 shows a racoon looking on at a raccoon coffee shop in Shanghai. A woman took down her bathroom wall after hearing crying and found a pair of baby raccoons. HECTOR RETAMAL/AFP via Getty Images