Woman Finds Cache of 'Murder Weapons,' Sex Toys, List of Usernames Hidden in Her House

Would you move if your house turned out to harbor a secret cache of weapons? That's the dilemma facing TikTok user @live_ex_dream, a U.K. resident whose disturbing series of discoveries has racked up hundreds of thousands of views.

"I'll just be googling unsolved murders in my local area now," she captioned the first video.

In it, @live_ex_dream says that a wooden panel in front of her oven broke one day, revealing a hole. When @live_ex_dream went to investigate, she found, much to her surprise, that the hole concealed a slim, metallic briefcase. Inside was a pink metal bar. If that in of itself wasn't enough to set the alarm bells ringing, the other items in the hole were: knives, skewers, and even a two-pronged fork.


i’ll just be googling unsolved murders in my local area now #ohno #creepy #tiktoktraditions #fyp #help #unsolvedmysteries

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Some weren't impressed with the array, speculating that it was a barbecue toolset that had been forgotten by the previous owners, but most thought otherwise.

"That's a murder weapon," user @rachaelmadori wrote.

"Make a blacklight and check for blooood," user @laurieannepare666 wrote.

"Nothing to worry about, just a standard-issue torture box," user @rhysfrancis20 wrote.

In the second video, @live_ex_dream cast doubt on the barbecue set theory.

"People in the comments said this looked like a grill utensil set. Probably what the utensils are. But [that] doesn't explain why they've been emptied out and replaced with a bar? Or why it's all been sealed into the cabinets," she wrote.


Reply to @live_ex_dream part 2! i pulled everything out and had a look. i agree this looks like a grill set but why is it there ? #creepy #unsolved

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In a reply to one comment, @live_ex_dream wrote that she had contacted the police. However, she added, the department hadn't expressed any interest in her discovery because her predecessors weren't known to be involved in anything "suspicious."

But the house wasn't done divulging its secrets yet. Two days after she found the briefcase, @live_ex_dream reported that she was cleaning the sink when she noticed another hiding place.

However, this one harbored objects that were significantly more X-rated than kitchen implements: sex toys. In a follow-up video, she handles them with what seems to be the dispassionate curiosity of an archaeologist excavating historical relics. Next, she found "pages and pages ... of usernames" concealed behind the toilet in the bathroom.


following up from what i found in the kitchen. here’s what i found in the attic room #creepy #fyp

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That was the final straw for some commenters.

"Yeah move out that place got demons," user @ahhagsbskabs wrote.

"Listen I read into things too much but what if it was a murderer who, like, was a Craigslist killer and those are the user names of the ppl he murdered," user @calebasouras wrote.

We can't say we disagree with them.

A person holds a handful of knives.
A person holds a handful of sharp knives that could pose a danger to people. ESSA AHMED/Getty Images