Makeup Artist Says She Found Cocaine in Package From Sephora: 'I Could've Gotten in Trouble for That'

A professional makeup artist was stunned when she discovered what appeared to be cocaine inside a package she received from Sephora.

Christina Milano, 30, told the New York Post that she had ordered more than $250 worth of cosmetics from the beauty retailer to her home in Hoboken, New Jersey, earlier in October.

Inside the package, Milano, who works at a makeup store on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, found the items she had ordered, including foundation and false eyelashes.

But she also found a dollar bill "folded up very nicely" inside the shipment. Tucked inside the dollar bill was a "good amount" of a white powder that Milano identified as cocaine as well as a small piece of a plastic drinking straw with one end cut to 45 degrees, she told the Post.

Milano added that she thought the substance was cocaine because she has "seen it" and "been offered it" before.

She told PIX11 that she was unnerved by the discovery. "To receive drugs in the mail that's highly illegal, I could've gotten in trouble for that," she told the station.

The package came from the company's distribution center in Maryland, according to the station.

The dollar bill had been tucked inside a plastic badge sleeve along with a forklift operator's card and a photo of a young girl. It was attached to a Sephora branded reel that also had another badge sleeve which contained a female employee's company ID.

The Post traced the Sephora worker to an address in Aberdeen, Maryland. A woman who identified herself as the worker's sister told the newspaper that she had a history of drug abuse, but didn't provide further details.

Milano said she sent Sephora pictures of everything she found, including a shot of the white powder inside the folded dollar bill. She said she was told by a Sephora representative that the incident was being investigated.

She said she was given $100 in online credit and told to dispose of the substance in an email from a Sephora representative. "Flush the foreign objects down the toilet," the email said, according to PIX11.

The response made her angry, Milano said. She told the Post: "It was kind of like, here's $100, don't talk about it."

And although she would love a more personal apology from Sephora for the incident, she said it won't stop her from shopping there. "Truly I still will shop at Sephora—I love them."

In a statement to Newsweek, a Sephora spokeswoman said the company has investigated the matter and apologized to Milano.

"We have investigated the matter and taken appropriate actions," the statement said. "Sephora prides itself on our delivery and supply chain experiences and have a zero-tolerance policy around illegal substances in the workplace. We have apologized to the impacted client for this unfortunate experience and are working with her directly to resolve it."

Update: This story has been updated to include a statement from Sephora.

Stock photo: A Sephora store in Manhattan, New York City. A make-up artist said she found cocaine hidden inside a package she received from Sephora. Getty