Woman Finds Out Boyfriend is Cheating From Restaurant Staff in Viral TikTok

'Tis the season for TikTok breakups, apparently. In a video that already has 4.6 million views, user @feliciaburzotta, the self-styled "CEO of blocking & women empowerment," dishes on the circumstances surrounding her recent split. From its contents, we're betting that she and her ex didn't exactly part on good terms.

In the video, Felicia says that her then-boyfriend told her that he was "going to dinner with the boys" one day. However, she had a nagging feeling that he wasn't telling the truth. In a flash of inspiration, she called the restaurant where he was eating to confirm his story.

I "pretended i was coordinating a surprise party for him. I asked the hostess who was there yet...his boys or his sister? She said his sister ;/," she wrote, adding that she believes that the hostess was aware of the deception.

In a string of follow-up videos, Felicia discloses that her ex was cheating on her with his companion at the restaurant for at least a month or two before they broke up, chalking her suspicions up to "women's intuition."

"I just had a hunch that he was cheating on me with this one b**** because she was everywhere. She was always around. You just couldn't get rid of her," she says, citing the fact that she repeatedly found suspicious objects—"little s***...like lip glosses and sunglasses"—in her ex's car.

"I do believe that she was probably leaving s**t out for me to, like, make me go a little crazy," she says.

Felicia doesn't provide much more information about the anonymous other woman, whom she disparagingly characterizes as a "blond b****" and a "next-level homewrecker" at different points. But her replies to comments are revealing. In one, Felicia implies that her ex and the woman are now in a relationship.

"Nah sis he's dating HIS GIRL BEST 'FRIEND' now," she wrote.

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The day after she called the restaurant, Felicia went to her ex's house, where she found proof in his bed: a fake eyelash. When Felicia confronted her ex with the offending object, he tried to convince her that it belonged to her. However, Felicia says, she had no need for fake eyelashes because she had extensions at the time. In the end, she decided not to reveal her restaurant ruse when she broke up with him.

"Soooo I wasn't about to expose myself. I said one of my friends was getting to-go food and saw them together," she wrote.

Now single, Felicia is "living her best life." But it seems like she had the last laugh.

"His friends hit me up on Instagram, and what about it?" she says in one video.