Woman Finds Stairs Inside Her Cupboard Leading to Secret Basement

A woman found a "scary" basement lurking beneath the floorboards in her house, complete with shelves and posters.

Posting under the TikTok name Abi, she revealed a whole new level had been discovered in their home, after uncovering a flight of stairs inside a cupboard.

She shared a clip online revealing the layout, showing the space under their existing flight of stairs to the upper floor where a fake floor had been.

It adjoins the kitchen, with cleaning products, appliances, and food packets scattered around the house, in Birmingham, U.K.

Abi revealed they'd previously stashed their vacuum cleaner over the entrance, with no clue what lay beneath.

"We usually put the hoover in that spot over the stairs and it sounded hollow," she said.

After removing the fake floor inside the cupboard, the video shows a grimy set of stairs leading down to a dark, dirty room, with debris on the floor and exposed brick walls.

Abi said: "I can't believe what we just found in our storage cupboard. Someone has 100% been down here. Wtf."

They filmed the vast space which is tall enough to stand in, which had remnants of old posters on the walls, and even some shelves still up.

One wall features a built-in archway, suggesting it may have been a focal point when it was a functioning part of the property.

"It hasn't been opened up for a good 20 years," Abi explained.

Despite having a whole new floor, Abi replied "don't know" when asked what she would do with the extra space.

The clip, captioned "this is scary," has amassed hundreds of thousands of views, as people shared their thoughts on what it might have been, and what it could be used for.

"It's a WW2 bunker," Wagwaaaan thought.

While Colleen Halsall asked: "Do people not see floor plans and deeds prior to buying them or asking neighbours?"

TikTokerJ_s1n9h advised: "You can renovate it into a basement it will increase the house price."

Sharing another way to make money, Philip said: "That's sick. Rent it and make some money."

LucyLu thought: "Basements are common in older houses, they would be used to store coal and sometimes food items before they had fridges."

Clearly not impressed, FredVibin replied: "Just close it up and act like you never found it."

JSmart reckoned: "Keep it open man. Man cave TV cinema room."

And LifeIs2Short added: "It's called a cellar... Most old Victorian houses have them. We have one."

Some compared it to the movie "The Conjuring," while others reckoned she'd opened "a portal."

Stock image of basement stairs
Stock of stairs leading to a basement. A girl found a set of stairs in a cupboard leading to a secret basement. cerro_photography/Getty Images