Woman Forcing Residents to Sell 'Luxury' Items to Raise HOA Funds Slammed

A woman dubbed a "Karen" is allegedly trying to force residents into selling "luxury" goods at a mandatory garage sale in which the HOA will be taking some of the profits, igniting fury online.

The now-viral Reddit post, which has garnered 34,900 views, is titled, "HOA Karen is requiring all residents of neighborhood to have a garage sale. She will be taking 10% of the earnings. Wants people to sell luxury goods."

Statista reports that as of 2020, there were 355,000 community associations in the United States. That number has increased from 2019 when there were 351,000 community associations in the country.

Some HOA rules and regulations can't be enforced. Unenforceable HOA rules are considered rules that are against the law, created incorrectly, selectively enforced, or enforced without authority, according to Luxury Property Care. In addition, an HOA can't create any covenants that go against federal or state laws.

Couple having yard sale
A woman allegedly forcing residents to sell "luxury" goods to raise HOA funds is being slammed online. Here, a couple having a yard sale outside their home. MONKEYBUSINESSIMAGES/GETTY

The Post

The post, shared by Redditor @Decaopik to the subreddit "F**k You Karen," included an image of a sign that read, "Garage Sale Here," placed in front of a home's garage. The image was shared on Facebook along with a listing on the social media platform included on the right side.

"Attention Avalon Village residents!" the listing was titled. "Garage sale required May 28 and 29!"

In the details section of the listing, the woman poster revealed that the message was for "all residents of Avalon Village."

"You will be required to have a garage sale or find a neighbor to team up with to sell your stuff," the listing read. "10 percent of all proceeds will go to the HOA. You will be required to use Stripe payments so I can monitor profit. You will be responsible for Stripe fees!"

But the listing doesn't end there. The woman goes on to say it's the HOA's "chance to show the town how the top earners live."

She reasoned the garage sale isn't about "making money," but rather "showing the world how Avalon Village residents live."

The woman goes on to encourage residents to sell "good stuff," adding in some specifics like, "designer clothes, art pieces, anything luxury."

The woman concluded that she'll be handing out additional fliers each week until she sees that everyone is participating. "Thank you!" she concluded.

Redditor Reactions

Over 3,300 comments poured in over the viral post to Reddit, and people are shocked, while others wonder about the legalities of such a demand.

Some even joked about what they'd sell instead of "luxury" goods. "This is my designer modern art project," a Redditor joked. "It's designer because it's three soda cans welded together. Appraised for 100,000 OBO."

One Redditor thinks an HOA can "prevent" a person from having a garage sale outside those specified dates. However, "They can not compel you to participate in a yard sale."

Others slammed the woman who created the listing. One Reddit user, who admitted they "cringed so hard" at the woman's comments about "top earners" didn't mince words.

This lady would absolutely be the reason for me to get [the f**k] out of Avalon Village ASAP.
Reddit comment

"How about instead of participating in the garage sale, I put my whole damn house on the market, Karen?" they added. "This lady would absolutely be the reason for me to get [the f**k] out of Avalon Village ASAP."

Many people didn't think the situation was legal, and another Redditor didn't think an HOA can "require" residents to have a garage sale.

"Moreover, there is no way they can involuntarily take money from you for things that you have sold without prior consent through contractual agreement," they said. "Specific contractual agreement, not your HOA contract, which can't contain clauses like that."

People were quite literally shocked by the woman's wording. "WTF?" a Redditor expressed. "I'll never complain about my HOA again. This is absolutely absurd and mandatory over Memorial Day weekend? Who's even around?"

While another Redditor called the woman "delusional," adding that of course, "HOA's have rules by definition, adding, "There is no way mandatory garage sales are written in the HOA contract."

I spit my coffee out reading this. The audacity lmao.
Reddit comment

Other people had comments like, "Hope somebody shut this b**ch down. 'Required'? F**k off," and "I spit my coffee out reading this. The audacity lmao."

Newsweek reached out to Redditor @Decaopik for comment.

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