Shock as Woman Gives Birth on American Airlines Flight: 'Welcome Baby Air'

A series of extraordinary videos about a woman giving birth on an American Airways flight from New York to the Dominican Republic have gone viral on TikTok.

In one of the videos, which has had more than 1.6 million views and is captioned "Welcome baby air," user Kendalee Rhoden films her sister after she gave birth to a son, who she describes as "premature". Her sister can be seen being escorted off the plane as the other passengers clap in support.

In another video the sister of the new mother can be seen asking for help to find three of the four women who helped deliver the baby.

"If you know them please send them this video, we just wanted to say thank you, we really appreciate you for all the hard work you did that day because we know how things really could have went left, thank you very very very much…we know its not easy to deliver a baby on an airplane".

In the same video, the new-born can be seen being introduced to the pilots as they take pictures.

Speaking to Newsweek American Airlines stated: "On Sept. 7, American Airlines flight 2443 from New York (JFK) to Punta Cana (PUJ) declared an emergency before landing due a medical emergency on board. First responders met the flight upon landing and the customer was taken to a local hospital for further evaluation."

On their website American Airlines provide guidance on traveling internationally or over water while pregnant.

"Clearance from a special assistance coordinator is required for international travel or travel over water: Within 4 weeks of your due date (travel also requires a physician's note stating that you've been examined within the past 48 hours and you're fit to fly) 7 days before or after your delivery (travel also requires a passenger medical form to be completed by your physician)."

Pregnant Woman
A stock image of a pregnant woman. A woman gave birth on an American Airlines flight from New York to the Dominican Republic. Getty Images

One TikToker Gloria Kim commented: "Question tho I was told couldn't get on the plane after a couple of weeks I think 8m or so how did it happen?"

Another user La'Trice Lunba commented: "The doctor say 32 weeks but if you don't say nothing…they don't ask…you good."

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists say on their website: "For healthy pregnant women, occasional air travel is almost always safe. Most airlines allow pregnant women to fly domestically until about 36 weeks of pregnancy.

"Your ob-gyn or other health care professional can provide proof of your due date if you need it. If you are planning an international flight, the cut-off for traveling may be earlier. Check with your airline."

TikTokers had some ideas for names for the baby.

User pet45 commented, "You should name [the baby] Sky," while KayBTrip said, "Awww welcome to the world baby Air, you're definitely gonna love telling your birth story one day. Congratulations mommy."

User momsanta84 wrote: "That's why you are not supposed to fly in late pregnancy hahaha but [the baby's] name should be Sky."