Woman Gives Boyfriend Gift Engraved With Names of Girls He Cheated With in Viral Video

A woman on TikTok has gone viral after sharing a video of the unconventional birthday gift she bought her allegedly unfaithful partner. Since it was posted last week, the clip has generated massive levels of engagement, with 15.4 million views, 2.6 million likes, and over 16,000 comments.

Jewelry is often thought to be a romantic present that one gives to a significant other. For some, however, a simple piece of jewelry can have the opposite purpose, as the perfectly petty way to expose their partner's infidelity.

Earlier this year, for example, a woman ordered her allegedly-cheating husband a custom-made necklace engraved with the names of all the women he'd supposedly cheated with. A TikTok video documenting the stunt went viral, attracting the attention of millions of viewers.

In a somewhat similar incident last October, a jewelry store employee said that she exposed a cheating husband by "accidentally" making an error while packaging his orders—making it so that his wife would receive the item intended for his secret girlfriend.

In this most recent instance of "revenge jewelry," TikToker @outspoken.m explained her situation in the video's on-screen captions. "When he cheated...I got all the girls' names on a chain and gave it to him for his birthday," she wrote.

The footage, which doesn't reveal the man's face, shows him sitting in the driver's seat of a car and opening a small box. He lifts the lid, revealing the chain inside—and while any text on the necklace is too small to read, the man seems to have an immediate reaction, closing the box as quickly as he opened it.

Viewers expressed their mixed reactions to the clip in the video's highly-contentious comments section.

Some, for example, felt that the gift was too harsh, especially considering that it was his birthday. "That's kinda f**ked up to do him like that on his birthday. That's very wrong of you but this shows me why he cheated on you," wrote @saeednotsohappy.

"Too much wasted energy," added @pizzaloveslisa. "Just break up or leave."

Others, however, couldn't get enough of the "genius" and "petty" prank.

"Money is temporary but embarrassing him is forever," wrote @user2826961286593.

"He closed that thing like it was Pandora's box," joked @maiyurrrr.

Echoed @sandravgrala: "She did the most funny [and] creative thing ever and respect to her for keeping her cool [until] giving him the present."

Following the success of her clip, @outspoken.m posted a follow-up video a few days later. In that one, she revealed what appears to be a text conversation between herself and the cheating boyfriend.

"Why would I wear a necklace with their names on it," he said in a text message, adding that it would be "weird" if he wore it to work and "rude" if he wore it while with the TikToker.

Newsweek reached out to @outspoken.m for comment.

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