Woman Goes on Violent Rant at Airport Check-in as Child Begs Her to Stop in Viral Video

There appears to be a shift in attitude at airports nowadays, and it seems passengers' patience is running thin.

In the latest series of airport freak-outs, a video that went viral on Reddit shows a woman having a meltdown at check-in at an airport while her young child cries and begs her to stop.

Redditor u/bbowell77 posted the video of the woman on Friday night with the caption: "Dads friend sent him this from work. Evidently she was on the no fly list. This is just insane. I feel so bad for the kid's though."

It takes a moment to understand what is happening at the beginning of the video, but the voice of a woman standing behind another passenger can be heard as she tells someone on the phone: "I need my ticket for tomorrow."

Soon, a little girl begins crying, "Mommy," before the woman's voice booms: "I said to be quiet!"

Then, she marches behind the counter at check-in, and starts picking things up and yelling: "F*** outta here, b***h, f*** with me!"

She grabs things off the desk and starts pitching them at the check-in officers. All the while, her child can be heard screaming off-camera.

The woman grabs what appeared to be an empty box from behind the counter and goes back towards her daughter, still screaming: "F*** with me! Go ahead!"

Her daughter's pink backpack stands in front of the camera as her voice echoes, begging: "Mommy please!"

The mother begins pacing away from the counter, shouting something unintelligible. Another child, an older boy, comes into view, standing quietly while the girl continues to cry: "Mommy please!"

The woman then marches back to the desk, picking up a metal pole in place as a line divider, and holding it above her head, shouting, "I'll do it!" with more obscenities. She drops it and the camera shakes, before it returns to her going back behind the counter.

She continues to throw things and yell, before a security officer comes and grabs her, and walks her out with the children trailing behind.

Reddit commenters were appalled by the video, wondering how someone could behave like that in public. One commenter wrote: "Did she think that this behavior was going to get her flying privileges reinstated? Like, why would anyone other than a small child or a wild animal act this way? How can an adult human being be this lacking in the capacity for rational thought?"

Many of the comments also revolved around the children, as one user wrote: "Man that was hard to watch. Those poor kids are terrified while their mother, the person they depend on for everything, loses total control of herself and seems to try to get arrested. She needs to get her anger issues in control before she ruins the lives of those kids."

Another commented: "Growing up, my father used to lose control like this. Beating people up, breaking things, making a scene in public. Those kids are already affected, this s**t stays with you. Some people just shouldn't be allowed to be parents."

The video caption said the woman was on the no-fly list. According to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), the no-fly list is a small list from the U.S. terrorist watchlist, that has the identity information of known or suspected terrorists.

U.S. residents can go through a legal process to get themselves off the list, but even if they are cleared to fly, it's possible they can remain on other, less well-known lists that are kept.

Newsweek reached out to TSA for comment, but did not hear back in time for publication.

A video of a woman having a massive breakdown at an airport went viral on Reddit. In this photo, a TSA check-in area is seen in an unusually deserted airport terminal at San Francisco International Airport in San Francisco, California on August 2, 2020. DANIEL SLIM/AFP via Getty Images