Woman 'Grossed Out' by Sharing Bed With Boyfriend's Dog Asks Internet for Advice

A woman has taken to Mumsnet to say how she doesn't like sharing a bed with her boyfriend and his Staffordshire terrier, and the internet is divided in its advice.

Posting to the discussion-based site under the account name Strawbz8988, the woman started by revealing that she stays at her boyfriend's "a few nights a week."

"I absolutely love his staffy. He's a rescue. Well behaved. I often walk him and genuinely love the dog. But he shares the bed with my boyfriend. When I'm there as you can imagine it's a little crowded," she explained.

"He's a solid heavy dog and when he's laid on the bottom you can't move your feet or the duvet.

"If he's in between us we can't roll over. I rarely can fully lie properly with my boyfriend when we are asleep," she wrote.

"I sometimes am hugging him and then my legs and stomach is behind the dog. He also gives you a heart attack leaping back up again if he's got down for whatever reason."

The woman then detailed that while her boyfriend finds it "a bit irritating" and sometimes sleeps badly as a result, it's common practise for him to sleep with the pet.

She continued: "I sometimes feel a bit grossed out too if he's been out In damp weather and been for a poo and then his wet dog smell is all over the bed."

The disgruntled girlfriend then ended the post by asking for advice and explaining she is hoping her "boyfriend will encourage him to sleep in the bed next to the bed. But I respect that I'm the newbie."

Sleeping with a dog is not as uncommon as some may think. One survey by the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association found that 42 percent of all dog owners allow their canines to sleep in their bed overnight.

Even so, post has gained lots of traction on Mumsnet since it was shared on December 22, having attracted many comments in support of the woman's gripe.

One Mumsnet user, SilverHairedCat, wrote: "Close the door. Dogs don't have to sleep in bedrooms. Ours come up by invitation only."

Another person, Forgothowmuchlhatehomeschoolin, added: "Oh god l am an animal lover but would hate this!!"

Allemsmar exclaimed: "F**k that! Get him a really lovely cosy dog bed and a nice blanket and put it beside the bed?"

OGenkiDesuKa agreed, typing: "That's so gross to have it on the bed."

Hiredandsqueak shared: "That would be a deal breaker for me and I have a dog but she's not allowed in my room much less on my bed."

However, not everyone believed that her boyfriend was in the wrong to let the dog share the bed, with Clymene revealing: "I'm afraid this would happen if you were my girlfriend. Although my dog will sleep in his bed if I tell him. So that's what your boyfriend should do."

SenecaFallsRedux typed: "Our solution was to get a bigger bed. Problem solved."

Burnamer opined: "Think of it from the dog's pov [point of view]. It's not his fault that he's been allowed the privilege to have it taken away through no fault of his own.

"I get that you don't like it - our dog stays downstairs - but the situation has been created now and the question is whether your boyfriend has the willingness to change it gently and gradually."

Man asleep with his dog
A file photo of a man asleep with his dog. On Mumsnet a woman has detailed how she is "grossed out" by sleeping with her boyfriend's staffy. iStock