Woman Home Alone Spots 'Ghost' in Reflection as Creepy Figure Goes Viral

A video of a woman at home alone that shows an apparently mysterious figure in the reflection of her TV has gone viral on TikTok with people now trying to make sense of what they see.

The viral video, which can be viewed here, was uploaded by TikTok user _wonderwoman1_ and it has gone on to rack up an impressive 12.8 million views since it was shared online last month.

As the clip progresses, the user shows viewers her room and claims the only person in the home is herself and that the only other noise that could be heard came from her pet turtle.

After revealing to the viewer that she was the only person sitting on her sofa, _wonderwoman1_ flipped the camera that showed her reflection as she waved.

During the clip, she said: "Am I tripping, or? OK, so the noise is my turtle and I'm home alone, right. But the reflection shows, like, that's me."

What appears to be a woman with black hair in a white dress can also be seen sitting next to her, completely idle.

The clip then ends with the user and woman in white still being visible in the reflection of the TV screen.

A text overlay for the clip read: "There's a whole person sitting next to me bro wtf (what the f***)." Hashtags for the video include #ghost and #hauntedhouse.

Since being uploaded on February 27, the post has been liked on some 1.8 million occasions and shared 112,900 times.

Unsurprisingly, the nature of the video generated huge interest with many TikTok users rushing to share their opinions in the comment section.

Many people questioned whether the clip was real with others sharing jokes about the supposed ghost encounter.

One TikTok user posted: "Any normal person would try to put their hand through it. Something is fishy."

But one commenter joked: "The ghost was patiently sitting waiting on you to put on Netflix."

A third person said: "Show it in one cut. Don't flip but pan the camera all the way around."

Newsweek has contacted _wonderwoman1_ for comment.

Believing in Ghosts

According to a 2019 YouGov America study, about 20 percent of people asked said ghosts "definitely exist" and 25 percent believed they "probably exist."

The same study concluded that more than four in 10 Americans believe in ghosts, demons and other supernatural beings.

But Americans weren't as convinced about the existence of vampires, with only 13 percent of respondents claiming they are either definitely or probably real.

The study did find, however, that Republicans were more likely than Democrats to believe in supernatural entities - in particular, demons.

A file image of ghost. The clip went viral on TikTok. Getty