Woman Insists Boyfriend Doesn't Need Sunscreen Because of His 'Dark Skin'

A man's seemingly harmless action ended in an argument when he borrowed some of his new girlfriend's sunscreen. It ended in a fight and his girlfriend suggested that "someone with dark skin" doesn't "need sunscreen." The situation has prompted outrage from Redditors who insisted the poster isn't the one in the wrong.

The now-viral Reddit post was shared to the subreddit "Am I The A**hole" on February 7 by u/LateNightDrive9. It has garnered over 8,900 upvotes so far and over 1,600 comments. The post is titled, "AITA for using sunscreen and not telling my girlfriend about it?"

Everyone, regardless of skin tone, needs sunscreen for protection against the sun. According to WebMD, "UV rays can't distinguish between skin colors. No matter what your skin tone is, you're susceptible to sunburn, premature aging, skin cancer, and other health issues as a result of too much exposure."

The original poster (OP) revealed he's been dating his girlfriend for six months. Recently, he borrowed some of his girlfriend's sunscreen from her purse when she was over because the OP ran out of their own sunscreen.

Apparently, his girlfriend caught him and was "upset," and the OP apologized saying he ran out of sunscreen and will get more soon. They continued: "She said this wasn't really the main issue, then went on to explain that me as someone with dark skin [does] not need sunscreen and said that she found this offensive to her [she has light skin] and her background. I was puzzled. I said I have been using sunscreen ever since I was a teenager, and she found that 'offensive' for some reason."

Woman using sunscreen
A woman insisted her boyfriend didn't need sunscreen because of his "dark skin." Here, a woman using sunscreen. BOOPHOTOGRAPHY/GETTY

The girlfriend started to argue with her boyfriend, and even suggested the OP "stop using sunscreen" because she didn't think he needed it. The boyfriend admitted that "was stupid" as she didn't know a lot about his skin issues, and unless she is a doctor, he doesn't have to listen to her. This offended the OP's girlfriend, who canceled their hangout session and "stormed off."

The OP continued: "I tried calling her hoping she'd calmed down, but she doubled down saying I insulted her and hurt her feelings at the same time. She wanted me to make this situation right and lessen the tension caused by our fight, but I haven't."

People are rallying around the OP in the situation, and they don't think he's in the wrong at all. Redditors had harsh criticism for the OP's girlfriend whom they believe is the a**hole in the scenario.

Many people didn't mince words on the subject. "I've heard of nuclear waste sites that are less toxic than this," a user expressed.

One Redditor's comment, which brought in 24,000 upvotes on its own, revealed they believed the OP's girlfriend was "dead wrong." The Redditor continued: "Darker skin tone does not mean you don't need sunscreen. Secondly, what a straight-up psychotic thing to get angry over. Cut and run as far away from this person as you can. NTA."

Some people even called the OP's girlfriend a racist. One user said the woman is "an ignorant, selfish a**." But they didn't stop there. "You've been with her racist a** for six months. Move on, thank your luck that she showed her true colors this early in the relationship."

Others were shocked about what the post ended up being about. "When [I] started reading I was assuming she didn't love that he went into her purse without asking, or maybe it was a super expensive sunscreen or something...but nope...she's just racist," a Redditor said. "PSA everyone needs sunscreen."

One person questioned what they read from the post, declaring the OP isn't the a**hole. "Just because you have darker skin doesn't mean it's offensive to use sunscreen," they added. "Her feelings are hurt? You know what else hurts? Skin cancer."

A Redditor had their own theory about why the girlfriend reacted the way she did. "My assumption is that there was something in that purse she did not want OP to see and tried to come up with some other argument to justify her reaction," they reasoned.

Yet another person thinks the OP's girlfriend is the a**hole in the situation, admitting everyone should actually wear sunscreen. "Your girlfriend is an a**hole and sounds incredibly immature, unless you're both 12," they wrote.

Some people questioned how real the scenario actually is. A user called the situation "insane," revealing there are many sources online the OP can send their girlfriend "to prove to her that her reason for being upset is ridiculous—skin color does not dictate whether or not you need to use sunscreen. The sun doesn't care what color you are. Enough UV radiation will give anyone skin cancer Lol."

Another person brought up their own point and suggestion for the OP. "NTA," they said. "You trying to prevent skin cancer offends your girlfriend? You need a more caring [and less stupid] girlfriend."

Newsweek reached out to u/LateNightDrive9 for comment.