Internet Sides With Woman Kicking Out Her Mom for Calling Family 'Tacky'

A woman kicking out her mom for calling the family "tacky" has been widely praised online.

The mom-of-three shared her mother's actions to Reddit's Am I The A**hole forum, under username u/throwaway___5_, as she asked if she overreacted.

She explained she has three kids, two boys aged 18 and 16, and a daughter aged 15, who "are all extremely talented."

"My eldest is a ballet dancer, second is an athletic swimmer, third is a violin genius," she wrote.

The post has been upvoted more than 7,000 times, and can be read here, while the top comment received more than 9,000 alone.

File photo of annoyed woman.
File photo of annoyed woman. A woman has been cheered for kicking her mom out for calling the family "tacky." TatyanaGl/Getty Images

While it's not clear where the family is based, The Pew Research Center looked at how American teens spend their time in 2019.

Overall, they spend an hour a day doing homework, which they noted is "up from 44 minutes a day about a decade ago and 30 minutes in the mid-1990s."

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In an update, the mom claimed her kids have "an hour or two of practice some days," but assured as soon as they feel "overwhelmed or stressed," they let their parents know.

The mom raved about her kids' accomplishments in the post, saying: "I'm so proud of them and all their achievements and I have photos, medals, trophies etc all over the house. I don't think this is weird or anything out of the ordinary."

She explained her mother was visiting, and after they returned home from a family outing—after she decided to stay home as she was "tired"—the mom noticed items were missing.

"When we came back, we noticed that a framed photo of my eldest son on stage + a few of his dance medals, two of my second son's swim meet medals and another framed photo but of my daughter playing violin and one of her certificates were gone.

"My mom quickly admitted that she took them down because she felt like I was showing off too much and that we were coming off as obsessed and snobby. Apparently, we're being tacky? To make matters worse, she decided to make fun of my eldest son for doing ballet as well.

She even made a Facebook post about how disrespectful and ungrateful your own children are."

"My husband asked her if she was being serious but she just told us that she'll give the things back once she leaves. I started laughing in disbelief and told her to give the things back immediately as she's leaving now," she fumed.

When telling her mom to leave, the older woman was shocked, and claimed she wasn't at fault. The younger woman got back the items she took, as her mom "cursed" her and her husband the whole time.

The mom added: "She even made a Facebook post about how disrespectful and ungrateful your own children are. My sister is horrified that I kicked her out as she's our mother, older and a woman in an unfamiliar town but my mom's always travelling so idk why it's such a big deal. AITA?"

QuieroAlcapurriaswrote: "NTA, you removed someone from your home when they disrespected your home and children. Moms don't get a pass to be cruel just because they're your mom."

Charlie_Parkers_Mood said: "NTA. What your mother did was extremely disrespectful and controlling. She had no right to take your things or insult you and especially your son. She owes your entire family an apology and, until she gives you that apology, you should limit contact with her."

NewAir0803 joked: "NTA. Snobby? In your OWN home? Lmao that's ridiculous."

Although some people warned her to ensure she wasn't becoming a helicopter parent, as she stressed: "I wouldn't call myself a tiger mom and neither would my children. They know very well that my love isn't conditional."

A tiger mom is defined as "a mother who is very determined that her child should be successful and makes them work very hard," according to the Cambridge Dictionary.

Newsweek contacted u/throwaway___5_ for comment.