Driver Killed After Metal Flies off Trailer, Pierces Windshield

A 29-year-old woman from Detroit was killed by a blow to the head from debris while driving in Southfield on Thursday afternoon.

Debris from a trailer, being towed by a pickup truck in front of her car, flew through the windshield, hitting her in the head. She later died at an area hospital.

The Southfield Police Department was called to the area of 9 Mile at around 12:15 p.m after a report of an injury accident.

After a preliminary investigation police believe scrap metal became dislodged from the trailer at some point and the debris flew into the woman's car.

After the incident police shut down 9 Mile Road at Northwestern Highway and asked drivers to take alternative routes.

Police are continuing with their investigation and have asked anyone with information regarding the crash to contact the Southfield Police Traffic Investigator. They can do so by phone at 248-796-5408.

Newsweek has contacted the Southfield Police Department for comment.

Southfield police are also dealing with a separate incident where a 35-year-woman was struck by a pickup truck and killed crossing a road in Southfield.

According to the police, the incident happened at around 11:50 on December 6 at westbound 8 Mile Road, west of the Southfield Service Drive. They said the woman had not been crossing the street via a pedestrian crosswalk.

Officials said the woman was crossing the road when she was hit by the truck. Officers and paramedics attempted to save her life but she died at a nearby hospital.

Police do not believe foul play occurred and the driver of the pickup truck stayed at the scene after the incident.

Officials have called on anyone with information about the crash to call the Southfield Police Department.

The same area saw another fatal collision between a vehicle and a pedestrian in early November.

A 60-year-old Detroit woman was struck by a car while crossing across 8 Mile at Lahser, according to Southfield Police.

The people received multiple calls about the crash that happened at around 7:20 a.m. on November 2.

Southfield Police's preliminary investigation indicated that the traffic light for westbound Eight Mile traffic was green when she was struck.

The driver of the vehicle remained on the scene as witnesses attempted to help the victim. She was taken to the hospital by medics and pronounced dead.

Officials had said the investigation is ongoing and again asked that anyone with information about the incident should call the Southfield Police Department.

broken windshield
Stock image of a car with a broken windshield. A woman from Detroit was killed while driving in Southfield on Thursday due to debris from the car in front of her. Getty images