Woman Killed by Man Who Fell From California Multistorey Car Park

A woman was killed by a man who fell from a multistorey car park in California over the weekend.

According to KGTV, the woman was identified as 29-year-old Taylor Kahle who died when a man landed on her after falling from the East Village structure in San Diego on Sunday.

Emergency services raced to the area at around 7:30 p.m. and found Kahle dead at the scene and the man suffering from serious injuries. He was taken to a hospital where he died from his injuries.

According to NBC7, the San Diego Police Department said Kahle had just eaten a pizza across the street and was walking with her date when the man apparently jumped from right above her.

KGTV said the man accompanying Kahle was not hurt.

Police did not release any further details about Kahle or the man who fell from the building.

Newsweek has contacted the San Diego Police Department for comment.

McFarlane Promotions owner Laurel McFarlane paid tribute to her employee in a Facebook post on Monday.

She said: "It is with great sadness we must announce the passing of a beloved team member, daughter and friend. Taylor Kahle, you will be missed deeply by many."

The post continued: "I know Taylor touched many and she was one of the good ones. I will never understand why she had to leave this life so soon. Her father was her best friend and due to Covid, they spent the last year together.

"I know she was the happiest when he was around as well with all her dogs she rescued. Everyone aspires to have a relationship like he had with his daughter."

McFarlane concluded: "Taylor gave in her final moments like she always did and was an organ donor, saving multiple lives and helping many in the end life she always did in her life.

"There will be a celebration of life and a way to honor her memory and we will share when we know more details."

McFarlane said Kahle had worked at the company for eight years and was a "shy girl" when she joined as an intern. She added Kahle had grown into someone with who "lived life with zest."

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The man fell on Kahle, killing her
Kahle was killed when a man fell on her after jumping from this multistorey car park in San Diego, California. Google Maps