Woman Learns Her Partner is on Tinder After Spotting Tiny Detail in Screenshot He Sent Her

A woman has gone viral after sharing the small detail that led to the discovery of her significant other's infidelity. Her video, posted earlier this month, has sparked an intense reaction from viewers on social media, racking up nearly 563,000 views, over 55,000 likes, and hundreds of comments.

The TikToker, known as @hannahclarkieee, explained that the incident began when her then-boyfriend sent her a screenshot taken from his phone, showing her the Craigslist listing of a car he wanted her to purchase.

Showing the screenshot in the clip, she highlighted a small icon on the upper-left corner of his screen. "It wasn't until later [that] I noticed a weird flame at the top of his phone," she said.

The woman then did some investigation into what the flame icon represented—and quickly learned that it was none other than the Tinder logo. Specifically, the icon was one that appears on some smartphones following recent usage of an app.

At first, @hannahclarkieee said she "was in denial." She soon downloaded the app to investigate for herself—but it didn't take long for her to find a definitive answer.

"THE FIRST F***IN SWIPE," she exclaimed, displaying a screenshot of the alleged Tinder profile. While the image appears to be real, @hannahclarkieee decided to censor the man's name and appearance for the sake of the video.

Viewers reacted strongly to the clip, with many especially shocked that his profile was the first to appear upon activating her Tinder account. Many also took the opportunity to share astonishingly similar stories from their own lives.

"My ex was the tutorial swipe on Bumble," wrote @marswirlworld.

"My ex sent me a picture of a pair of shoes he was going to buy me and the Hinge option was right on the top left lmaoooooo," commented @yaxayraa.

"THE FIRST SWIPE??" wrote @karimcsmelly. "God wanted you to leave so badly."

While the situation was likely upsetting for @hannahclarkieee at the time, she revealed in the comments section that she is no longer involved with the man in question. "This was like [three] years ago," she wrote. "I am with an amazing man now! But this story was too good not to share."

According to 2019 research from data and analytics company YouGov America, seven percent of all people who have used a dating app or website have done so in order to cheat on their significant other.

Tinder is the most popular dating app among Americans, reaching 7.86 million users in the U.S. as of 2019.

Newsweek has reached out to @hannahclarkieee for additional comment but did not receive a response in time for publication.

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On TikTok, a woman went viral after revealing what tiny detail revealed her boyfriend's infidelity. oatawa/iStock / Getty Images Plus