Woman Calls Out 'Little Thug' Taking Down Biden-Harris Sign

A woman has gone viral on TikTok sharing a video of a young boy, who she calls a "little thug," taking down a sign for President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris' presidential campaign.

TikTok user @SweetNisey (NiseyDee) shared a series of videos on the video-streaming app, showing her calling out a young teen who tried to remove a Biden-Harris sign from a local business with a screwdriver. The second video she posted (which she calls part 1) has gained over 4 million views.

When Nisey asks why he's taking the sign down, the kid responds that he's taking it down, because the election is over. When she asks who won, he says that they're still counting votes. Nisey asks if he's a Trump supporter, and the kid says "Don't worry about it." When she asks why he's trying to take it down, the kid says that it's posted on private property, and he lives nearby. "Who has the right to put it up?" he asks when she tells him he doesn't have the right to take it down.

In another clip, she asks him why he feels entitled to take the sign down. He responds, "I have no clue. I don't know. You said it. So, I'm agreeing with you, cause I'm not listening to what you're saying. I'm watching my buddy laugh at you."

In another part, the kid smugly asks the woman if she's going to assault him. She tells him she's not going to assault him, but will call the police when he takes the sign down. "I want you to call the cops before I take it down," he says, sitting on his bike.

"Honey, what would make sense to call the police before you take it down? You gotta commit a crime, honey, in order for the police to be called, right?" Nisey tells him.


Karen’s call the police when no crime has been committed. 💯 #biden2020 #blm #biden #bidencoalition #bidenharris2020 #election

♬ original sound - NiseyDee

In another part, the child tries to backtrack and say that he's cleaning up garbage around the city and was trying to remove the sign as part of his cleanup. When Nisey asks why he hasn't taken the sign with him after it fell, he responds, "Because" with a shrug. When asked why he doesn't have a bag, he says that he'd just thrown out a bag.

In the last part, the boy asks Nisey why she stopped him from taking the sign down. "Because, you are a little kid who obviously needs some education and obviously needs some guidance in your life, if you think the best thing and best part of your day was to come here and take the sign down," she responds.

The boy then says that his mother is calling. Nisey tells him that his mother would probably like to know what her son is up to, before he pedals off. In the description of the last TikTok, Nisey said that she did call the police.


Reply to @diana.donovan I did end up calling the police, but he rode away. #biden2020 #bidencoalition #biden #bidenharris2020 #bidenforchange2020

♬ original sound - NiseyDee

Nisey responded to comments on her TikTok calling her a "karen" or criticizing her for calling out the child. In one video, she says that she'd do it again. She also explained that she filmed the kid, because he had a screwdriver that could be used as a weapon. She was worried if she had to defend herself, she'd be a victim of police brutality. "The cops think you were the aggressor. Now, if he would've attacked me with the weapon he had in his hand, and I'd beat his a** naturally. I'm pretty sure the cops would drive up on that scene and think I was the aggressor," she said.

In her multiple response videos, Nisey doesn't seem phased by some of the comments attacking her, and she has mocked Trump supporters with humorous, carefree videos.

Nisey did not respond to Newsweek's request for comment via direct message on TikTok in time for publication.

Biden Sign
Campaign signs for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and U.S. President Donald Trump are displayed outside of the Lake Recreation Center on November 03, 2020 in Peoria, Arizona. Christian Petersen/Getty