Woman Making Big Bucks From Man Paying to Be Ignored Shocks Internet

From treasure hunter to paranormal investigator, there are plenty of unusual career paths and side gigs out there, if you're willing to try them. But one woman has found what appears to be the perfect source of passive income—a rich client who pays her to ignore him.

In a post shared to the Reddit forum r/TrueOffMyChest on Wednesday 20 April, u/ThrowawayRA7482 explained she works as a financial dominatrix. Financial Domination, also known as "FinDom," is when a "submissive" (or PayPig) sends the "dominant" money or gifts. Like BDSM, it's the acquiescing of power that is the turn on, but financial dominatrixes can conduct everything online and don't necessarily create sexually explicit content.

ThrowawayRA7482 wrote: "I work as a financial dominatrix and do online sessions and I've had a sub for the last few weeks now who's just been paying me to ignore him.

"It'd be like the most mundane thing like I'd be doing my makeup or reading a book and I'm literally muted and have his audio turned off and he still pays me hundreds of dollars to just ignore him like I don't even look at the camera.

"I have other subs who want me to degrade them or provide some form of stimulation for them but this is really throwing me!"

Due to job losses and restrictions brought by COVID-19, 2020 saw an increase in people engaging in sex work online to help pay the bills or make some extra cash. The success of content subscription site OnlyFans was built on sex work, and its sales grew by 615 percent during the pandemic.

The woman's post has been upvoted 10,000 times and received over 700 comments from curious Redditors wanting to know more about her job. In the comments section, the poster explained that working as a financial dominatrix is "the easiest money I've ever made."

Along with making between $15,000 and $20,000 a month on average, her "subs" also pay for gifts and vacations. She also added that her subs are interesting people, often with super specific kinks or fetishes.

She said: "I have some long term subs who I know well enough and understand their kinks and it's interesting to see what triggers them."

After discovering how much she makes, many users jokingly began questioning their own career choices.

ZephyrGrace wrote: ".....I'm in the wrong business."

Nixter295 agreed, commenting: "Oh what I wouldn't do to have this opportunity."

Notreallylucy joked: "And here I've been ignoring people for free, like a chump."

They also speculated on her client's motives and what may have encouraged his specific kink.

Speed33401 said: "Perhaps the guy is an executive surrounded by yes men. He wants to remember what it's like to be disrespected or "ignored."

EthanGrey commented: "He's taking a feeling he doesn't like--being ignored--and exploring that in a way where he has some degree of control.

"Paying you to ignore him is his way of taking control. In that situation, he has more control than in a scenario where someone just naturally ignores him."

Megavenusaurs had an alternative theory: "it could also be a way for him to pretend she doesn't know he's watching her."

Whatever his fetish, Redditors praised the mystery man for exploring his interests in a positive way.

Donthateskate729 added: "What's awesome is that he's seeking out that experience through two consenting parties, rather than going out into public to do it to someone unsuspecting."

Man Pays Woman Money to Ignore Him
A woman readjusting stockings in front of a laptop camera. One woman online has described how she makes $15,000 to $20,000 a month as a financial dominatrix, including one client who pays her to ignore him. Oleg Elkov/iStock/Getty Images Plus