Woman on Mobility Scooter Filmed Racially Abusing Couple

Shocking footage of a woman aiming a racist tirade at a couple out walking with their young daughter has gone viral online.

In a video posted to TikTok by _Rabioli, the woman can be seen driving around an area of boardwalk on a mobility scooter directing racial epithets at the woman filming the clip along, with her husband and at least one other friend.

The couple's daughter is present throughout the expletive-laden verbal assault, sat atop of her father's shoulders.

The incident purportedly took place at Port Perry Waterfront in Ontario, Canada.

According to _Rabioli's TikTok profile, the woman posting the video is Pakistani Canadian. At the time of writing, her clip has already been viewed over 9 million times.

In the video she explains, via caption, that she decided to confront the woman on the scooter after "ignoring her for so long."

She says the woman seemed to have a problem with her "outfit and ethnicity" and had been "bad mouthing" her before the video started.

"You wanna say it to my face?" the woman filming the clip asks at the start of the video as the woman speeds past.

"Yeah I'll say it to your face," the woman responds, turning her scooter around before unleashing a series of appalling racist insults.

She can be heard calling the woman a "f***ing ugly p**i" and tells her to
"get the f*** out of my town."

The woman filming's husband hits back, calling the woman a "racist b****."

Undaunted, the racist woman's abuse continues.

"You're nothing to me, you're f***ing stinky f***s," she tells the couple as their daughter watches on in silence.

Later she makes reference to "curry" and brands their "f***ing language" as "disgusting!"

The video can be viewed here.


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Throughout the incident, the woman continues to drive in a circuit around the couple and their young child.

"I'm the Canadian here. I'll speak my language but f*** you and yours," she is heard saying, while later in the video she can be seen waving her middle fingers around at those filming her shocking outburst.

When the husband urges the woman to watch her language around their daughter she responds with: "I don't care."

"Don't talk your f***ing language in front of me then and I won't swear....otherwise f*** you," she says.

According to a caption on-screen, it takes the intervention of several locals to calm the situation.

One man says to her: "Why are you freaking out? You are in a public place, do you know how embarrassing you are?"

Later, the woman stops to pose for pictures with her middle fingers held aloft. At one point, one of the bystanders highlights the fact that several Black people are there watching her disgraceful remarks but she is unmoved.

The clip ends with a passer-by attempting to forcibly remove her from her cart to no avail.

"You're a total embarrassment," one onlooker is heard to say. "You're causing a scene in front of all these young children for nothing."

The incident was reported to Durham Regional Police, who were later able to track the woman down using the video posted to TikTok.

She has been identified by police as a 61-year-old woman from Scugog and charged with causing a disturbance.

Newsweek has reached out to _Rabioli for further comment.

An elderly woman shouting over a fence.
A stock image of a woman shouting over a fence - a woman on a motorized cart has been filmed directing racist abuse at a couple. Getty/StephM2506