Woman With No Mask Yells at Kids About Their Pickup Truck: 'I Bet You Live in a Sh**hole'

A Rhode Island woman who was not wearing a mask was caught on video verbally abusing and spewing expletives at a group of young men because she didn't like their pickup truck driving past her home.

The video, which was recorded outside the Apponaug Marina and later posted to Reddit, showed the woman sitting in a dark SUV angrily yelling at the young men in the parking lot.

The young men, who appeared to have been caught by surprise by the woman's meltdown, had apparently just gotten out their vehicle when she pulled in to the parking lot, skidded to a halt, and began berating the men for driving through her neighborhood.

"I do not care how fast you were going, stop driving past my house with that piece of sh**," she said. "I bet you live in a sh**hole, too."

An unidentified woman in Rhode Island confronts a group of men at a local marina for driving through her neighborhood. Munchbox/Reddit Screenshot

The man who recorded the video of the woman's rant appeared shocked and asked her if she was serious.

"Get out of my f***ing sight," she yelled.

The woman, who was referred to as Lisa in the video, directed her attention at a man named Barry, telling him to get the young men away from her neighborhood, "or there's going to be hell to pay."

The man recording the video eventually had enough and told the angry woman that she does not control the roads and that she needs to get a life.

"In the midst of a pandemic and racial injustice, you're complaining about a truck; you're complaining about a pickup truck," he says. "Put a mask on if you're going to yell at us."

She continues to yell at the men while demanding that Barry keep the men from driving in front of her home.

At the same time, Barry can be heard in the background telling Lisa that the men are on private property and she has to leave.

"I can't do anything. You started it," Barry is heard saying.

The videographer pleads with Lisa, telling her that the owner of the pickup is a state employee and that she is wasting her time harassing responsible citizens.

She ignores the man's plea and tells them again to stop driving by her home, then angrily turns off her vehicle to call the police.

"With everything going on in the world, you come in here like a crazy person, skid to a halt to yell at us in a public place for driving on a public road," he says.

Lisa tells the men again to stop driving by her home near the end of the four-minute video.

Newsweek contacted Apponaug Marina and spoke with Barry, who declined to give his last name.

Barry said it was an unfortunate incident, and he would just like to forget what happened.

"I just feel sorry for the woman," he said. "I heard some yelling and screaming and just went over to see what it was, and I realized right away what the situation was. Fortunately, nothing happened negative. It was just a bunch of yelling."

Barry said the woman did call the police, who came after she left and took a statement from the men.

Newsweek reached out to the poster on Reddit but did not hear back before publication.