Woman Praised For Making Stepdaughter Pay Rent After She Was Caught Lying

A woman has been praised by the internet after revealing the reason she charges her stepdaughter rent but not her biological children.

In a post shared last Saturday on Reddit, the stepmother, who goes by the username PeaPsychological3516, asked the members of the subreddit u/AmItheA**hole if she was wrong for charging her stepdaughter rent, while her two biological daughters live for free in the house she shares with her husband (the stepdaughter's father).

In the post that read: "AITA [am I the a**hole] For demanding my stepdaughter pay full rent and neither of my biological kids?" which has so far reached over 11,400 upvotes and almost 1,000 comments, the stepmother explained that she and her husband have a deal with their children that as long as they study they are allowed to live at home rent-free. If college isn't for them, they must find a job and pay bills.

The below chart from Statista shows parents in the U.S. are some of the least inclined to pay for their adult kids. The below graph shows that only 26 percent of families in the country say they give their grown-up kids money.

Statistics on parenting
A graph from Statista shows percentage of families financially supporting grown-up children around the world. statista

The stepmother explained her stepdaughter, Bea, had asked for about $10,000 for a course that was supposed to help her get a better-paying job. However, when the woman and her husband called the occupational center to check for an eventual graduation ceremony date they found out she was lying and the course Bea was claiming to be on hadn't been offered for years.

The parents discovered that Bea gambled away most of the money they had given her on a casino trip and drugs.

"Needless to say, we were livid with her. We couldn't believe that she would lie and betray our trust like that. We told Bea that we expected all that money paid back by the end of the year and for her to pay a $400 monthly rent. If not, she's out of the house. Time to grow up, be an adult and take accountability," the stepmother told Reddit.

She added that Bea's biological mother got involved in the argument saying that she's only asking Bea to pay rent because she's her stepdaughter, saying that she's also turned her husband against her, going as far as sharing such thoughts on social media.

The Reddit community didn't hesitate to take the stepmother's side. One user, Publius 246, commented: "NTA [not the a**hole]. You know you're never gonna see that money, right? Bea lied to you to keep living rent-free, and she scammed you out of $10K on top of that. I'd kick her out right now, not wait nine months for her to cause more mischief. Particularly given that you have a minor at home. BTW: in the future, pay the tuition/residence/books/etc. bills directly rather than cutting the student (or "student") a check."

While most users backed the stepmother saying she's actually being too lenient, others went as far as to say they believe Bea's biological mother may have actually been involved in the plan.

AccidentalFoe suggested: "Was bio Mum working with daughter, hatching a plan to gamble away thousands of dollars trying to hit the jackpot so they can be financially better than evil step mom and bad dad......Hmmm". Another user, thepurplehedgehog, added: "It kind of feels like Zoe here has been waiting for her chance to start calling OP out as the 'evil stepmother', and now she's found it. Or created it."

Another user, lespritd, commented: "This seems like a classic case of "theft by deception" adding "For example, in Pennsylvania, this would be: Over $2,000 – A third-degree felony with up to seven years in prison and a fine of up to $15,000".

Newsweek has reached out to PeaPsychological3516 for further comment.

two women arguing
Internet has shown supported to a woman for charging her stepdaughter rent after she stole £10,000 for her dad and stepmom, saying they were going to be used on her education. A stock images shows two women arguing on a sofa. Getty Images