Woman Praised for Not Giving Day Off to Coworker Who Lost Her Son

Reddit commenters were delighted to learn a woman did not give a day off to a coworker whose young child had died after she explained her reasons in a viral post.

In a Reddit post, shared by user u/Grand-Ad196 on the 3.8million-strong r/AmItheA**hole forum on Sunday, April 17, the 22-year-old woman explained her reasons.

The woman explained her boss lets employees in the company trade their Mother's Day holiday entitlement to others who might want it.

In the post, which can be seen here, the woman explained she would possibly like to see her own mother or prepare for her finals.

Stock image of concerned woman at work
Stock image of concerned woman at work. The woman explained why she did not want to give her coworker her time off. Getty

She then explained that her 36-year-old coworker, who she called Linda, had lost her 8-year-old child in an accident the year before and wanted her to trade a day so she could mourn.

The woman explained: "Well aside [from] some guys (who already gave his day) I'm the only non-mother who has it. My mother's still alive, I went NC [no contact] with her a few years ago, either way, I think it'll be nice to have a day off to prepare for my finals.

"Some of my mom coworkers asked for the day and I politely said no, well Linda approached me and said this will be her first mother's day without her son, so she wanted to ask me if I could trade her day with her."

She later added: "Then, one of the other moms (who already traded her day with one of the guys) said I was an AH [a**hole] for not giving it to her since I don't even talk to my mom anymore and just for that, I don't deserve it. I asked why didn't she gave her day off and her answer was that she's 'a mother of 5.'"

The post has attracted some 11,100 upvotes and more than 2,170 comments since it was uploaded.

Many of those who commented on the post praised the woman for holding her own when facing pressure from colleagues.

One Reddit user said: "NTA [not the a**hole]. The idea that coworkers should be sacrificing their days off to cover the inequities of the company is straight up f***ed up and exploitative. That ain't your concern. It's the employers."

Another added: "Yeah, if they are so concerned for her they can give up their day. Report the coworker harassing you."

A third commenter posted: "It drives me mad when people equate no children or spouse to no life."

Other Reddit commentators claimed that it was unfair that Linda was not being given a day off.

One said: "In other countries losing a child gives you the right to sick leave since mentally you're completely destroyed. But [the] USA doesn't even have paid maternity leave."

Newsweek has contacted u/Grand-Ad196 for comment.

Compared to other Western countries, the U.S. does not require employers to pay for time not worked, such as vacations and sick leave.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, "these benefits are matters of agreement between an employer and an employee (or the employee's representative)."

In comparison, most employees in the U.K. are legally entitled to 5.6 weeks' paid holiday a year.

There are similar laws that guarantee employees are entitled to paid annual leave in countries across Europe.