Woman Praised for Refusing To Let Tinder Date Use Bathroom: 'Boundaries'

A woman who refused to let a Tinder date use her bathroom after he walked her home has been told she may have dodged a bullet by standing firm on the issue.

It's an unfortunate truth that women need to be on their guard when it comes to dating today. A 2020 study from the Pew Research Center found 60 percent of women aged 18 to 34 who used a dating site or app continued to be contacted by a date even after telling them they were not interested in pursuing a relationship.

Fifty-seven percent, meanwhile, reported being sent an unsolicited and sexually explicit message or image. Some caution is not only advisable, it's entirely understandable. So when one singleton took to Reddit to share her recent dating disaster, she found plenty of sympathy and support.

Writing under the handle BackgroundReporter35 in a post upvoted over 8,000 times, the 22-year-old explained how she recently went on a date with a 25-year-old guy she had "never met before" who she matched up with on Tinder.

Though she recalled him being a "little overly-flirty" on the date, she still rated him as a "really nice guy" so thought nothing of it when he offered to walk her home. She said she "really appreciated" this as "it was late and getting dark outside" and, as they walked, she even began trying to set up a second date.

However, by then he had begun asking to "come inside" so they could make plans to see each other. Though he tried "pretty hard" to convince her to let him in, she insisted she had work to do.

Out of the blue he then asked to use her bathroom in a request that made her "heart sink." Though she offered to let him use the restroom in an office space she was renting next door, he became "noticeably irritated" at her refusal and called her an "uptight b****" before storming off.

The woman explained that her caution was, in part, due to a "bad experience" she had had with another man she brought home and that since then she had made "a point not to do it anymore" as she lived alone.

But while her date reacted badly to the request, on social media there was wholehearted support for her decision to exercise caution.

In a reply upvoted over 9,000 times, planted-autic told her: "You'd just left a place with a bathroom and you gave him an alternative. He was trying way too hard to get into your apartment to have good intentions."

Zippy72 agreed: "the bathroom thing was a blatantly obvious second tactic to get inside the door after the first one failed," with t00muchnothing adding: "Dude definitely was just trying to get in her apartment."

Mundane-Currency5088 commented: "He totally understood why and he was mad he couldn't manipulate past her no. Not letting a strange man in your house only makes you "uptight" if he was planning on pushing for sex."

DocMeow3 added: "it sounds like you dodged a bullet. Good job trusting your intuition" while boxing_coffee wrote: "You can tell a lot about a person by how they respond to your boundaries."

OkHand8495, meanwhile, commented: "As a mom, THANK YOU for trusting your gut and standing your ground. You owe nobody an apology for protecting yourself. I'm proud of you."

Newsweek has contacted BackgroundReporter35 for comment.

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