Woman Pulls Gun on KFC Drive-Thru Staff After They Took Too Long With Order

A woman has been arrested after reportedly brandishing a gun at staff working at a KFC drive-thru in Memphis.

Deona Harris, 28, has been charged with three counts of aggravated assault following the incident, which took place on Sunday evening at a branch of the fast food chain located in the 1600 block of Union Avenue.

Harris is alleged to have thrown a drink at a KFC employee before then pulling out a firearm and pointing it at several workers and bystanders at the drive thru.

According to Fox13, Harris also had a drink thrown on her in retaliation, just prior to her brandishing the gun.

Memphis Police were called and arrived on the scene just before 9pm. Harris was subsequently arrested after officers found a 9mm Ruger handgun in the Dodge Challenger she was driving.

According to the police, she was upset at how long they were taking over her order.

Harris is currently out on bond pending another court date on August 24.

The arrest comes just a month on from a similar incident in Texas where two people were arrested on suspicion of pulling a gun on a manager of McDonald's after getting into a dispute about having salt on their fries.

Davion Guillory, 23, and Treykia Cohen, 25, were charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, following the incident at a McDonald's restaurant located in the 128 block of E. Richey Road in Harris County on July 4.

Officers from Harris County Precinct 4 became aware of the dispute after being flagged down outside the restaurant while passing by.

A subsequent investigation found that Guillory and Cohen had become embroiled in a verbal altercation with the restaurant's manager over the inclusion of salt with their meal.

Surveillance footage captured the moment the pair began brandishing firearms at the drive-thru staff during the argument.

While the pair drove away from the scene, deputies were eventually able to locate the car. The firearm was later discovered inside the vehicle with the pair detained as a result.

In another incident, which occurred back in October 2020, a man opened fire at a KFC drive thru in Tennessee after he was given the wrong order.

The man initially drove off after receiving his food only to later return and demand a refund after being given incorrect items.

A cashier handed over his money but as the man pulled away he began firing shots at the building.

A KFC drive thru restaurant sign.
A KFC drive thru sign in Florida - a woman at a branch in Memphis threatened staff with a firearm after her meal failed to materialize. Joe Raedle/Getty