Woman Yells 'You Live Off White People' in Racist Rant at BLM Protesters

A woman in Pennsylvania shouted racist abuse at Black Lives Matter protesters on Sunday and told them, "You live off white people."

As the protesters in Watsontown chanted "No justice, no peace," the white woman shouted "trash" and "f*** you, we're going to give you no peace."

A protester can be heard off camera shouting "We love you" as the woman says "b****, f****** b****." She shouts at the protesters, "You live off of white people" and they again reply with "We love you," to which she responds: "you f****** communists" and "f*** off, keep your HIV over there."

The Black Lives Matter protest was organized by the "If Not Us, Then Who?" group, but the counter-protesters' presence and confrontation resulted in the local police shutting down three blocks of traffic.

Watsontown Police Chief Rodney Witherite told Daily Item: "We didn't plan to block the street off. There was a confrontation in the middle of the street. Things are going to get ugly here."

The video has been viewed 1.5 million times at the time of writing and is the latest in a series of viral videos of white people using racist language towards Black Lives Matter protesters.

The men who appear in the video behind the woman can be seen in a series of images on Instagram shared by photographer Paul Weaver. The images are captioned: "These are some of the counter-protesters who confronted demonstrators at the Black Lives Matter protest in Watsontown, PA on 6/28/20."

In the images, a man wearing a red Make America Great Again hat can be seen confronting a black man. One man's hat says: "Re-elect Trump 2020 Make liberals cry again." Another is holding a sign that reads: "Beer Matters. It's O.K. to kill a beer."

One man, carrying a gun, can be seen shaking hands with a police officer. This man appears to have a tattoo on his right arm that says "III%" which might refer to the Three Percent, a far-right militia movement.

The woman who shouted the racist abuse can be seen in the second image of the series, standing behind a man in a leather waistcoat. The waistcoats and a tattoo suggest that the men are from Chapter 19 of the MMCI motorcycling group.

A comment on the Instagram post says that the motorcycle club says "they were there to help the small-town police keep peace from the protesters."

In another video filmed by Weaver at the Watsontown protest, a different woman can be seen shouting from her car, "Democrats started the KKK," while a child shouts "all lives matter," at passing Black Lives Matter protesters.

Black Lives Matter protest
Activists gather in protest outside the 26th Police Precinct on June 3, 2020 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. A Black Lives Matter protest in Watsontown, Pennsylvania on June 28, 2020, was met with counter-protesters. Mark Makela/Getty