Woman 'Ran for Her Life' as Crane Smashed Through Her House

A woman "ran for her life" as a crane smashed through the roof of her house—while she was standing on the upper floor.

The student was in a bedroom on the second storey filming a pool being delivered to their backyard, when disaster struck. As the crane lowered the structure onto the grass, the weight caused the massive machine to topple over and crash through the house.

She had to flee as the crane ripped a hole down one side of her home, in Canada, which she shares with her parents.

She's been documenting the incredible ordeal on her TikTok account, @datzmylife, showing the aftermath of the accident, as well as footage she filmed while escaping the roof caving in.

The initial clip was posted on Friday, and can be seen here, and since then she's shared another seven clips, charting the progress of the crane removal.

Her most popular video has racked up nearly 15 million views, as she filmed her house from the outside, showing the base of the crane lying with its wheels in their air, with the shaft protruding into the upper floor.

In a voiceover, she says, pointing at the rubble: "So that's my house. I was right there. That was fun, y'know."

And she explained a little more about the events leading up to the impact, saying in a separate video: "Here's the story of how a crane got stuck in my house. I was upstairs in my parents room recording so I can do a video to show all of you.

"But when the pool got lowered the whole crane collapsed onto my house. I had to run out of there or I was going to be smushed by the crane. I ran for my life."

She explained how she knew to flee, adding in the comments: "I knew what was happening because outside they were yelling the crane is coming down, and I heard the crane come down!"

Luckily everyone—including herself—escaped unscathed, as she revealed the crane destroyed "my mom's office, maybe her closet and the hallway."

In another video—this time showing the destruction from the outside—she captioned the video: "That was a turn of events."

She revealed her and her family have been forced to seek alternative accommodation, as their house is now uninhabitable, and has been fenced off.

In various updates, she told followers: "I'm currently at my grandparent's house because it wasn't safe for me to be there.

"The last time I was at my house they just bought this new yellow crane to pull up that from my house. Everyone is safe, thank you guys so much for your concern. I also won't be able to go inside my house for a while because there's a literal crane in it.


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"This is what the house looks like, and this is what the pool looks like. We might have to take it out if it's broken, if it's fine. My parents went inside and got some clothing to last us for a while.

"They are currently tarping up our house right now in case it rains. My dad went inside and got some of our personal belongings he thought we might need. We're currently looking for a place to stay because we won't be able to stay at our house for a while."

Commenting on the original video, Dino 886 joked: "Normal day in the neighborhood."

Noelyeet commented: "Does anyone smell a lawsuit cause I do."

"Good thing nobody got hurt," Isaiah wrote.

While Mr Reaper joked: "Couple of ramen packets and you're good."

Newsweek reached out to @datzmylife for comment.

File photo of a crane.
File photo of a crane. A woman was forced to flee as a crane ripped through the roof of her house. savoilic/Getty Images