Woman Gets Random Ocean Location Tattooed on Her in Hilarious Ink Fail

A woman has called herself the "dumbest" after messing up a tattoo of coordinates, leaving her with a permanent inking of a random location in the ocean.

The woman, from St. Louis, Missouri, had wanted to commemorate Sedona, in Arizona, a place of natural beauty filled with rocks, canyons and pine forests.

Instead, the tattoo on her left shoulder blade points towards the middle of the South Pacific, off the coast of Chile.

She shared her hilarious fail on Twitter, under the name @BPtheGasStation.

She said: "How to be crowned dumbest b**** of 2021:

"1) Try to get a tattoo of the coordinates to a meaningful place in Sedona.

"2) Put the wrong latitude.

"3) End up with a random spot in the ocean memorialized on you forever."

The indelible inking says "34°52' 12" S 111° 45' 36" W," and alongside a snap of her new tattoo she shared a Google map image of the ocean location.

She later joked: "Do you think I can get there by train?"

How to be crowned dumbest bitch of 2021:

1) Try to get a tattoo of the coordinates to a meaningful place in Sedona
2) Put the wrong latitude
3) End up with a random spot in the ocean memorialized on you forever pic.twitter.com/hUVJhxQKnV

— used car dealership inflatable (@BPtheGasStation) April 19, 2021

Her tweet has since gone viral, racking up more than 250,000 likes, as people shared their own inking mishaps.

Some suggested how to style out the mistake, recommending everything from a road trip to the location to starting a scavenger hunt.

Twitter user kornymunky thought: "You can say that they're the coordinates of Las Cinco Muertes [archipelago]."

CTRiti added: "Twist it into best prank ever. 1) Start cryptically mentioning you visited those coordinates 2) Imply great wealth there but greater terror 3) Carry a journal page that references the treasure & coordinates on your body 4) Laugh when ppl seek those coordinates upon your death."

ErikCodigo pointed out: "Just 240 nautical miles to the west, and you'd have hit Jules Verne's Mysterious Island aka Lincoln Island 34°57′S 150°30′W."

MayhemMudkip suggested: "Turn your will into a scavenger hunt with this being the first clue. The coordinates are revealed, leading to a box hidden in the ocean that holds a riddle for another location in Belize, that then leads to Florence Italy, where it becomes clear the game is afoot."

And sharing her own fail, ccarleybrk revealed: "Me and my husband have matching coordinates to where we got married a few years ago. It's now an empty parking lot next to a strip club."

TamingMyImpala declared: "You have to travel there now, that's the rules."

And rafinxdraws asked: "How do you not proofread a TATTOO."

Stock image of Google maps
A Google map view showing the location of the tattoo coordinates. A woman accidentally got the wrong location tattooed on her shoulder, pointing to a random spot in the ocean. Google Maps