Woman Receives Complaint, Letter from DMV About 'Fart' License Plate

A woman in North Carolina received an unexpected letter from the Department of Motor Vehicles about her license plate that makes her "smile every day."

The Charlotte Observer reported Friday that Karly Sindy first tweeted about the incident Thursday saying that someone had complained about her license plate which reads "FARTSM."

The SM appears smaller and stacked at the end of the proceeding four letters, standing for Smoky Mountains as part of the special "Friends of the Smoky Mountains" license plate.

Sindy said she received the plate last October after submitting a request for it through the DMV.

Sindy told Newsweek that she did not expect the plate to be approved and was "so excited" when the word turned green, indicating it had not been taken. In November, when the plate arrived she said the excitement persisted.

DMV letter
Above, the letter Karly Sindy received from the North Carolina DMV shows their request for an explanation on the meaning of the plate which she posted to social media. In response to the letter, Sindy created a group and registered a domain name for the group's website in support of her truck. Courtesy of Karly Sindy

"I lost my mind, I was so excited," she said.

She told Newsweek that prior to the plate, she and her family already called the truck "Mocha-Dookey" due to its tan color so the plate name seemed fitting.

A letter from the DMV, which she posted in part on Twitter and in full to Reddit, said someone filed a complaint calling the plate "offensive" and in "poor taste." The agency asked for Sindy to provide a written statement about what the personalized plate means to her.

The letter said if the explanation was not approved, or they received no response within 30 days, the plate would be recalled.

Earlier this month Newsweek reported that 520 personalized license plates were rejected in the state of Florida in 2021 by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. Among them were slogans including, FFAUCI, IFART and T BUNDY.

Within hours of receiving the letter Thursday morning, Sindy posted on Reddit in the r/asheville subreddit asking people for guidance. She received over 100 comments from people sharing their two cents.

What followed was the suggestion to start a club called Friends of Asheville Recreational Trails—"FART." Shortly after, Sindy launched a website of the same name, which established the now real club.

The group even had their first meeting Thursday night, after posting a time and place on Reddit, less than 24 hours after she first read the letter.

She said the first man to arrive said when he saw her post he "knew" he had to come.

FART license plate
A woman turned to social media after receiving a letter from the North Carolina DMV telling her that her beloved "FART" license plate had received a complaint. The woman state the complaint said the plate was "offensive" and in "poor taste." Courtesy of Karly Sindy

"His license plate says 'Hoot,'" Sindy told Newsweek. "His t-shirt said Asheville Sinkhole Society, like A**."

She said the group of about 15 who showed up took a photo, some even brought signs, and it will all be a part of the rebuttal she plans to the DMV explaining what the plate "means" to her.

On Friday afternoon, the Observer updated their story with a comment from the DMV stating that the plate was issued as a mistake as the word is on a "do not issue list" and it has now been recalled.

The North Carolina Department of Transportation confirmed this information to Newsweek through an email saying it was "mistakenly approved in our Special Plate Unit," though Sindy said she has not heard from them personally.

She said even if she does have to send the plate back she will think of all the positives that have come from the whirlwind 48 hours.

"If it does happen, it's not going to make me sad," she said. "It's going to make me think of thousands of people who have seen this and loved it."