Woman Reduced to Tears By Vegan Customer's Nasty Complaint Email

A woman has filmed herself struggling to hold back tears after receiving an unpleasant email from a disgruntled vegan customer.

Carissa Collins, the owner and founder of TLC Body, an Australian company that makes beauty products, took to TikTok last month to share the angry message with her followers.

The complaint centered on the fact Collins had included a free non-vegan lollipop in the customer's order. As a result, the customer said she would not be shopping with TLC Body ever again.

Collins told Newsweek she often shares behind-the-scenes content with her followers but felt particularly compelled to share this particular message.

"When I received this particular email I was having a rather stressful day; regarding the business as well as my personal life," she says.

"Due to this, I did take the email quite personally."

In the clip, a teary Collins can be seen explaining her shock at receiving the email, which she says read "almost as if I stabbed them or something."

She then proceeds to share a section of the email to the screen.

"I'm in a position where I will not be buying from you again because I no longer trust your word," it reads. "I don't even eat lollies—vegan or not—what do you think you are gaining by sending someone a bit of sugary junk in the first place?"

It continues: "I'd rather pay less for my product than get something I never asked for or wanted. If they were vegan I could have at least appreciated the thought. I won't be buying from you again."

Collins' video has been viewed more than 540,000 times on TikTok, with fans flocking to show their support for the business owner. It can be viewed here.


Should I not be giving lollies with my orders??

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"Not sure if it's lockdown related but some people have just been absolutely so ridiculous lately," dreamercandleco wrote. "Most people love receiving lollies."

Another user, colemakes, commented: "I am vegan and get sent extra things that aren't vegan all the time. I just give them to friends. It is the thought that counts."

Lisajayneroberts added: "You don't want customers like that., it's a blessing in disguise, don't let this put you down."

Collins says the outpouring of support after she posted the clip "surprised" her.

"To be honest, an hour after I posted that video I had calmed down and was actually considering deleting the video because I was embarrassed that I shared a video of myself crying," she says. "However, the amount of support I've received has been so overwhelming, and I am so grateful for it."

She also has no ill-feeling towards the customer who wrote the original email, who she was was probably "just having a bad day and unfortunately just took it out on me."

"I don't believe being given a non-vegan lolly (with her non-vegan order) really was what she was upset about."

Collins says she ended up replying to the email, apologizing for her mistake but also letting the woman know "how she spoke to me wasn't OK."

As someone who has worked in a number of customer-facing jobs, she knows it's often difficult for employees to stand up for themselves like this.

However, she did offer some advice for anyone facing a rude or abrasive customer like this.

"It's not usually about you," she explains. "There is most likely something else bothering them. It doesn't make their reaction right; unfortunately, when you work in customer service, at times you have to accept this is how people act.

"So as difficult as it can be—never take it personally. Some days though, there's nothing wrong with crying it out."

Woman sent nasty complaint email.
A woman on TikTok has shared the nasty email sent to her by a vegan customer. TLC Body/TikTok