Woman Refuses to Wear Mask in Restaurant: 'You're Just a F****n' Manager'

A video circulating on social media shows a recent altercation between a woman and a restaurant manager, after the woman reportedly refused to wear a mask and impersonated a federal officer.

The video, posted to Reddit on Monday by The_bad_guy56, shows the woman, who is not wearing a mask, and the manager, who is wearing one, in a heated exchange on the restaurant's patio.

"You're just a f****n' manager," the woman says as the video begins. "Get out of my face right now," the manager replies as the two of them stand inches from each other.

The user who posted the video to Reddit wrote: "Karen at my work meets the manager. She was refusing to wear a mask and impersonating a Federal Officer." In the Reddit thread's comments, the user wrote that he is the man who walks up to the woman's table toward the end of the video.

The video shows the manager repeatedly attempting to get the woman to leave, but she refuses, walking back to her table.

"I'm going to my seat, b****," she tells the manager. "Get me my drinks or my money"—a phrase the woman repeats until the video ends.

The_bad_guy56 wrote that the video was just one minute of a 30- to 45-minute "debacle." He added that restaurant employees called the police's nonemergency line twice but officers never arrived.

"We waited about 45 mins before we canceled the call and got the woman out," he wrote.

Two Reddit users wrote that they recognized the restaurant from the video, saying that the incident occurred at the Horse and Angel Tavern in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Newsweek contacted Horse and Angel Tavern and the Albuquerque Police Department for comment but did not hear back in time for publication.

NYC Restaurant
Customers wearing protective masks order food outside a restaurant in New York City's Koreatown on July 21. Jeenah Moon/Getty

The Reddit user added that the woman and her friend, pictured at the table toward the video's end, are now banned from the restaurant. He said that the woman's apparent claim that she was a "federal officer" was futile, as such officers are still required to wear masks. The user wrote that he "tried to explain that to her when you see me go over to the table with the manager."

In New Mexico, people are required to wear face masks in all public spaces, according to an executive order enacted in May in response to the coronavirus. Violators can now face $100 fines, but exceptions to the mask mandate include eating and drinking, the order says.

Other patrons pictured in the video's background appear to be not wearing masks. It is unclear why an apparent debate over face masks sparked the altercation between the woman and manager.

One Reddit user commented underneath the video: "Anti-maskers endanger the lives of all around them. As a nation we should just start kicking the s**t out of these a**holes."

The_bad_guy56 responded to the comment by writing that while "no one" likes the masks where he works, "our Governor requires them if we want to stay open. We're all just trying to keep our jobs. That's what these Karen's don't understand."

The video posted to Reddit was originally filmed and posted on TikTok by @jasoncayce.

Newsweek contacted Cayce for comment but did not hear back in time for publication.

The video is another example of altercations over mask policies that have been captured on camera recently, as requiring face coverings continues to be polarizing for many Americans.